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Controversial PPV to air on WWE Network

The WWE is listing that they will be putting the 1999 Over the Edge PPV where Owen Hart died on the WWE Network.

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  1. Thomas Grim says:

    That’s not surprising. Don’t see how it’s controversial since he didn’t die on camera. I imagine they’ll just edit it out considering there was only a small section devoted to owen. Maybe it’ll be edited to a bit of a livelier show…no pun intended.

  2. mackdeezy says:

    I had a feeling. Maybe they really did settle with Martha.

  3. Ian says:

    I remember watching that live and wondering what was going on as they came back from a backstage interview and then there was only one announcer at the booth and The King I think it was was checking on what was going on. Have it recorded on VHS.

  4. Meh says:

    It was the PPV that where Owen was announced by Jim Ross as being dead.

    RIP Owen Hart :(

  5. raven12516 says:

    Wonder how they convinced his wife to go along with this.

  6. steve jones says:

    how dare WWE to show where Own Hart died

  7. Dragon says:

    This was one of my top questions when it was announced the entire library would be put up. I think it will be the first one I watch just due to it’s elusiveness and rarity.

  8. Eric says:

    This is the best way they can get the PPV out there now that they settled with his wife. If they were to release it as a stand-alone DVD it would be seen as a tasteless way of cashing in the events that happened that night. But by releasing it as a set that contains EVERY PPV doesn’t feel that way at all.

  9. Jake Allen says:

    Martha is so anti-wrestling that I’m sure the WWE just edited out every mention of Owen. I don’t remember it well, but I think the world title changed hands that night, so it’s something that should be documented in the history of wrestling.

    In any case, nothing special happened that night other than Owen’s death. Editing him out is more of a slap against his legacy, so they should just peace it out in bits for the stuff that people might not know about (again, the world title changing hands).

  10. Urvy says:

    Well, they could put an advisory warning like how they’re gonna do with the Benoit and ECW material.

  11. Stunning Steve says:

    To everrybody wondering, it was in the news that Martha settled with the WWE back in April. I am assuming they now have the right to air whatever footage they want of him.

  12. T says:

    This PPV will be edited and the Owen situation will be removed. They will do a voice over to make sure there is no mention of Owen.

  13. Steven Jackson says:

    I’m absolutely appalled and shocked that WWE are choosing to do this. That PPV should just be ancient history, but now it is supposedly being shown on the WWE Network!?

    You can make all the edits and changes so that Owen isn’t mentioned, but it doesn’t get away from the fact, Owen died during the show.

    Just wrong.

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