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Photo: WWE’s New Corporate Jet & Behind The Scenes With Stephanie Mac


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  1. mackdeezy says:

    I had a feeling it would have that logo. Sigh…. I seriously hope the scratch logo doesn’t go away. It’s all we have left.

  2. Andrew Davis says:

    Do what? The logo is all that you have left? That makes no sense. And everyone knows that’s the new logo, for the Network, I am guessing it will take over completely once the Network launches in 21 days!

  3. mackdeezy says:

    Of course that’s the logo for the network, I’ve known that. I’m fine with the Attitude Era being over (even though a shake up like that wouldn’t hurt right now) but let’s face it, the writing is crap, the characters (save for a few) are crap, the whole product is crap. It’s like Vince forgot what it was that nearly drive him out of business and subsequently saved him, and I’m NOT talking about WCW. I’m talking about taking a chance, nowadays it’s about money and ratings. Can’t generate money without ratings, and children bring in ratings. Or so they believe. Which is why they started refunding people just because poster boy wasn’t going to show. I mean I respect John, he has a hell of a work ethic, but the world does not revolve around John. So why are people getting refunds when they can still see bryan? They can still see any other big name. As far as I know their other poster boy Randy isn’t injured. Wrestling used to be fun to watch. Now I just read the results. Wrestling used to be a great staple of society. Now when the media talks about it, it’s either some lame appearance or to talk trash about wrestling. And it doesn’t help that Sinclair is holding back ROH and that the Carters couldn’t manage their promotion if their lives depended on it. Times have changed, ergo all we have left as a remnant of the good times is the scratch logo. At least I hope they’re still keeping that jet along with this one.

    Sorry for the rant, but I had to prove why it indeed made sense.

  4. Steve says:

    Ummm..what does the Attitude Era have to do with offering refunds?

    Also, they offered refunds when Bryan had a concussion so…..

  5. mackdeezy says:

    Read it again… you missed my point.

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