New details on WWE’s Greatest Factions DVD

Feb 3, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck has new details on WWE’s Greatest Factions DVD and Blu-ray. The working title is “WWE Presents: Wrestling’s Greatest Factions” and it will be released on May 27th of this year. Below is the synopsis:

“For decades, Superstars have sought allies and banded together for strength in numbers. From the Four Horsemen to the n.W.o, DX, The Nexus, The Shield, and everyone in between, factions are as woven into the fabric of sports-entertainment as the rules they tend to ignore. Now, WWE celebrates the biggest, baddest and coolest factions in history.

From those who influenced generations of Superstars to those who just ran roughshod over the competition, this 3-disc DVD/2-disc Blu-ray presents a brief history of the top factions from all eras and collects several of the greatest matches and moments that made each one a household name. Also featuring The Fabulous Freebirds, The Nation of Domination, Evolution, The Heenan Family, Straight Edge Society and much more!”

source: WWE News and Rumors

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