Feb 1, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

Welcome to another round of GERWECK.NET trivia. We start with a look back at last week’s question:

Q) Who was involved in the last Undisputed Title Match at a Royal Rumble event? For bonus points, name those who interfered in that match

A) Chris Jericho defended against The Rock. Lance Storm, Christian and Nick Patrick all interfered in the match.

Congratulations if you answered correctly. MC Live and Andrew Davis retain the top spots, but a strong week for Dan Lovato has pulled him into contention.

Onto this week’s question:


The upcoming week sees the anniversary of the first WWF The Main Event show on NBC, which remains the most watched wrestling show in American history with over 30 million viewers tuning in. There were three championship matches that night; can you tell me who retained their titles in those matches?

Good luck!

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