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CM Punk signs confiscated at NXT TV tapings

PWinsider is reporting that WWE was confiscating CM Punk signs before last night’s NXT television tapings at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Punk has been pulled from appearances at WWE Axxess during Wrestlemania 30 weekend.

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  1. Jack Kelly says:

    Wow that is ridiculous!!

  2. T says:

    But can they remove the CM PUNK chants on RAW?

  3. Kerry Standifur says:

    I have never understood WWE’s mentality of taking signs from people at their shows.

  4. Jeff Copeland says:

    wwe being smart

  5. Scott II says:

    This should be fun this coming Monday, on what stories we hear about WWE doing to fans signs at Raw

  6. Stunning Steve says:

    I remember after Austin left they did the same thing. I wonder if they will reference it on TV like they did with Austin. They really painted him in a negative light by saying he “took his ball and went home.” They will either do that or remove all mentions of Punk and remove him from the intro videos. That seems to be the other go to move for the WWE when a guy leaves on not so good terms.

  7. Deathedge says:

    @Stunning Steve

    For what it’s worth the and WWE Network’s Monday Night Wars ads both had him in it. Kinda shocked me since they had most of the week to edit him out.

    If they don’t cut him out AND reference it on TV, I’m convinced it’s a work at that point.

  8. WhoIsTheAnonymousGM says:

    Either Punk just wanted to get away from wrestling for a while again or he is just pissed off with how things have been going.

    Or a bit of both.

    I heard Vince is upset about CM Punk leaving, he knows its bad for business.

    HHH supposedly disagrees and does not care if he returns. Who knows more about Business than Vince…. Damn HHH.

    Hope Shane gets WWE.

  9. dave says:

    HHH still thinks like an old pro and not an owner/booker. Im still sure Punk will be at Mania..

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