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– WWE has applied to trademark the word “SmackDown” in regards to a TV series. This is likely being done in case WWE chooses to move SmackDown to another night of the week as part of their new TV deals. There is a plan in place to move SmackDown to Tuesdays and broadcast it live if needed, as part of the new deal.

– Word is that Monday’s RAW had 10 or 11 re-writes.

– The numbers notes that Triple H’s new DVD sold 4,014 blu ray copies in its first week of release for $96,246. It entered the charts at 18.

– The next tryout camp at the Performance Center is scheduled for March. They have contacted talent for this camp.

(credits: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE News and Rumors)

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5 Responses

  1. Matt says:

    …Seriously still want to know what re-writes besides the Kofi/ADR match.

    Everything made sense based on the match listings from last week. Were all those “re-writes” just subbing things in for the Punk segment.

    I simply can’t see how everything else was not pre-planned from the get-go, WWE is not as stupid as some smarks want to think it is.

  2. The Shield says:

    Cause Ceb a would have started a program worth the Wyatt family, & Punk would of been in the 6 man, so Shells would have split, What’s vs Cena, & Punk in the ME, u can clearly see what changes they made

  3. @The Shield – Learn some basic grammar and try again.

  4. dave says:

    Go home Shield, you’re drunk.

  5. T says:

    Matt – My guess is the opening segment, not having Batista be a huge focal point, having Lesnar with a more active role, obviously the Kofi/ADR match and possibly adding Bryan to the main event as opposed to him being in a singles match.

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