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VIDEO: Punk Talks Health & WWE Issues Before The Walkout

f CM Punk discussing WWE on Saturday at the Wizardworld event in Portland, Oregon, 2 days before he walked out of the company:

It should be noted that this is not the complete video of the interview, just highlights.  With that said, here is a recap:

On his state of mind, Punk said someone is going to get pissed off at this, but it’s Daniel Bryan’s year.  He said that he has been in the position where he felt it was his year & he saw others headline over him.  He said that he considers Dave Bautista a friend but he wants to see Daniel Bryan headline Wrestlemania.  He said that he knows Rock will get mad when he hears this, but at least Batista is in full time & doing a full schedule.  He said Batista coming back is a good thing.

On what he’s going to do when he has no time, Punk said he was going into a dealership to buy a car, drive it across country & then “drive it into the ocean.”

Punk said “when I am done, I am done” & he’s going to go buy a cabin in a remote area and “no one is going to see me again & it’s going to be awesome.”

Punk said that he’d like to see WWE go back to less writers & more of a booker with long-term plans.  He said that he’d prefer to have an idea of where he was going as opposed to every week, things being dropped on a whim and the assumption that the audience doesn’t remember what happened 2 weeks ago.   He said they are worrying about Wrestlemania now & if it was his company, that would have been long settled & he’d be worrying about Wrestlemania 31.  Punk said the long-term booking & planning hasn’t existed in quite some time.

Punk said that he feels fans want something different.  He said the biggest thing Daniel Bryan has going for him is that he’s different  Punk said that 3 years ago, he was different as well & all of a sudden, the fans thought Punk in the title picture would be cool.  Now they want Bryan.  ECW in its time was different & an alternative.  He said that you want different things on the menu so you can choose what’s best at that time.  Punk said he loved ECW & still does.  He said that without ECW, there wouldn’t have been an Attitude era.  A fan brought up the build for Taz vs. Sabu & Punk pointed out it was long-term building.

Punk said that 1 day, Paul Heyman will be in the WWE Hall of Fame & maybe Punk will induct him.

On how his health is, Punk said he’s 35 & getting old.  Punk said that his body isn’t young & he’s been doing this since he was 15 years old.  He said his time in the business is different from others.  He pointed out that John Cena was starting in 2001 & by then, Punk was already going to Japan.  He didn’t just start wrestling when he magically appeared on WWE TV.  Punk said there are a lot of miles on him.

Punk said that there were 3 months where he felt really horrible & they were trying to figure out what was wrong with him.  He described it as getting an MRI a week as well as tons of bloodwork to try & narrow down what was wrong with him.    He said that he feels he’s not tired but “an exhausted kind of thing” from wrestling for so long & “a break is probably the only thing that’s going to make me feel better.”


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4 Responses

  1. cas says:

    this just adds to the worked-shoot angle to me. he doesn’t sound frustrated, he does sound exhausted. only time will tell

  2. dave says:

    I do wonder how much of this Punk thing is a work. WWE is decidedly quiet about it. Which doesn’t say much either way. . I guess we’ll get a clearer picture on Raw.

    I’ve never claimed to be hating on Batista personally and I never cried for him to come back… he’s a good wrestler and a main eventer but it is insulting to a lot of guys for him to walk back into a Mania main event.. that used to be reserved for the hottest stars of the year and Bryan is the hottest star of the last decade who is universally liked.

    We’ll see, though. It would be amazing if they’ve got us all going, hyped up and mad over the Rumble and now Punk for it all to have been planned and the rug is pulled under us again and we get Bryan v Orton v Batista (not dissimilar to he who shall not be named’s push actually).

  3. LOL says:

    It worked once WWE has plenty of time to work out this and hopefully it will work.

  4. Jack Kelly says:

    Does sound like it’s a wwe and punk fix and to annoy the fans even more due to the rumble tragedy. Maybe there will b a big surprise soon but by health wise punk did say that he won’t be there in 5 years and look at cena and the other older guys. They are getting on now, we’res the new talent, who are We gunna be shouting for in 5 years. Wwe is spending it’s time bringing back legends like Batista, new age outlaws, the rock! In my opinion bringin back the rock was a joke! Just walks in and gets a title and doesn’t compete except ppv! When punk was champ and cena and now orton, they are competing every week! Hopefully they don’t push reigns and then drop him like Daniel Bryan, yet the fans are cheering for them every week and wwe just ignore it or get idiot Michael cole to say oh they are cheering this! Wwe says it listens to it’s fans but they clearly don’t! Things need to change

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