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Jan 30, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

by Alan Wojcik

There was a time when TNA Wrestling was logical and simple to follow even if you missed one week of the TV program. There was a time when Ring of Honor had iPPV’s one could enjoy with continuity to their TV show on Sinclair Media stations around the US. Now there is disarray in wrestling with CM Punk walking home and Dixie Carter thinking she’s the actress Dixie Carter not the country music PR person. We need a sane voice to bring balance to it all. SEAN OLIVER and KAYFABE COMMENTARIES bring that man back to the masses, JIM CORNETTE who joins the BREAKING KAYFABE series.

Normally this series deals with people out of wrestling characters and their addictions, abuse, arrests and that stuff. None of them got a TWO DISC SET dedicated to them though I’m sure Tammy Sytch could have lied her way through it (see her feature for the reference.) This edition covers a gamut of topics from Cornette’s reaction to YouShoot Live with Vince Russo, why he was forced out of TNA, his entire run with ROH and what he does today in wrestling.

The Russo stuff is old hat to anyone who has seen either of the Cornette YouShoots or the Timeline History of WWE 1997. This interview delves into their working relationship if there really was one in TNA before politics and loyalty to TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett saw Jim head to ROH where Adam Pearce was the creative mind. Pearce’s exit and Delirious’ rise to the booking chair is not covered but Cornette does cover how he worked with him in creating the storylines heading forward from December 2011. He then takes you on a backstage journey from Final Battle 2011 until he left. I will interject something into this review as I was covering ROH on Kayfabe Wrestling Radio and had Jim as a guest twice. One was right before he left Louisville for southern Florida where ROH held “Showdown in the Sun” that was featured on the iPPV provider for ROH at that time Go Fight Live. Anyone who covered the business knows the horror ROH/GFL had that weekend on iPPV while WWNLive (home to DGUSA/Evolve/Shine plus Kayfabe) ran in the same city with no glitches.

Jim outlines his vision for ROH when the Sinclair Media purchase was made and some of it as an ROH fan you wish had happened. I will not spoil it but I dealt with ROH “media relations” to get stars on my radio show and I understand Jim’s frustration and anger with the office. Just remember the name Greg the Office Boy and if you like drinking games, use it because you’ll be smashed before the 2nd disc is popped in your DVD player. In addition to the TNA/ROH stuff, Jim discusses his anger issues, the death of “pro wrestling” and the current state of sports entertainment, where wrestling can head next to find a new audience. This is a must buy for the wrestling fan in your life.

Jim will return to the Kayfabe Commentaries set in the near future as part of the Timeline: History of WCW series and I will be waiting because he is a brilliant mind who should be working in an office. Next up for sale on www.kayfabecommentaries are: Timeline History of WCW 1993 with Vader (February 4) and Wrestling’s Most..Crappy Gimmick (February 24) and sometime in March we get YouShoot with the ICP and in the fall we are going to get Bret Hart covering 1992 in the Timeline WWE series. While I am shilling, follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

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