Batista’s 8 Coolest Outfits

Jan 30, 2014 - by staff



The editorial staff here at doesn’t pretend to know much about fashion, but we’re pretty sure Batista is the best dressed man who ever lived. The only 300-pound dude who isn’t afraid (and is somehow able) to wear skinny jeans, The Animal suits up in Ralph Lauren & limited edition Air Jordans while every other muscled out tough guy is draping themselves in ugly Affliction tees and Ed Hardy jeans.

Check out photos of Batista’s coolest clothes

Almost singlehandedly, Batista has stepped up the game for Superstar style — once a borderline oxymoron — and led every other guy in the locker room to stuff their Zubaz & fanny packs into the Salvation Army drop box & head for the nearest John Varvatos. How’d he do it? These eight outfits certainly helped.


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