10 Awesome Tag Teams You Totally Forgot About

Jan 30, 2014 - by staff

There are plenty of tag teams who left a permanent mark on sports-entertainment history. Whether it’s The Road Warriors, Demolition or The New Age Outlaws, certain names are always the first to pop up in heated debates about the best duos.

But just because some teams aren’t fresh on the minds of fans, doesn’t mean they weren’t awe-inspiring in their day. That’s why WWEClassics.com went back in time to find 10 totally awesome teams that you completely forgot about.

Whether they were pummeling the competition with brute strength or wowing fans with their blazing speed and technical abilities, these are 10 teams you need to know about, presented by Escape Plan, on Blu-Ray and DVD Feb. 4

You can check out the full article: HERE

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