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Sting to WWE update

World Wrestling Entertainment is working on concepts for Sting T-shirts pushing the theme of calling him “A Man Called Sting,” since WCW trademarked the phrase and they own the intellectual property rights to it. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that a memo came in last week to merchandise to work on ideas. The memo was just sent out within the last week and there are reports he inked his deal but Meltzer is reporting that the sides were “very close” as of Monday.

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  1. Jono K says:

    So am I reading that right, they won’t be able to refer to him as “Sting”?

  2. What? says:

    Not quite. It looks to me like he’ll still be known as Sting and “A Man Called Sting” will be a catchphrase of sorts. WWE owns it by virtue of WCW having owned it.

    Blade Runners reunion – it’s coming! :-)

  3. m3fooL says:

    They probably can call him sting as far as anouncers but not merchandise wise

  4. Helio says:

    @Jono K – “A Man Called Sting” is probably just something WWE could use to put on merchandise with out legal hassles. I’m sure he’d still be called Sting on TV and the web and such.

  5. James says:

    WCW trademarked the name Sting? I thought Vince now owned WCW

  6. Raym407 says:

    Sting has the trademark. He was very surprised that the singer did not have it. I read and saw that in a interview when wcw was still around. Sting does not make the singer pay him for any copyright stuff. He was very surprised that it was not trademarked by the singer.

  7. miko says:

    Maybe something to do with the singer sting? I have no clue

  8. Deathedge says:

    @James & everyone else dumbfounded by this

    Come on guys this isn’t hard…

    1) WCW, at somepoint, trademarked the phrase “A man called Sting”

    2) WWE bought WCW, trademarks and all.

    3) I THINK Steve Borden owns his character, as he used it even before he went to WCW. So, he could use Sting in WWE, TNA, ROH, CHIKARA, where ever he goes.

    4) WWE will just use “A Man called Sting” on merchandise, in promotional materials, maybe even in his theme song, etc.

  9. LOL says:

    Sting is big news in 2014….rasslin never ages!

  10. Zack says:

    @LOL You’re damn right.

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