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Punk Off More Shows (UPDATED) is reporting that WWE star CM Punk has been taken off  ALL house shows over the next several weeks.  No word yet on why

The word making the rounds is that Punk got into a heated argument with creative, & when the McMahon’s tried to intervene, Punk told Vince he was going home. Which is 1 of the reason for all the rewrites at Monday’s Raw.

**Personal note, then I want a refund on the house show here in Bakersfield, Ca. on February 9th. Already Cena & Orton are on the show the same night in Fresno, & now Punk is off the show too

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  1. James says:

    I’ve read that Punk quit for real. I’m sure that things will be worked out and he’ll be back. Before people start saying it’s just a work remember Austin did the same thing a few years ago

  2. Andrew Davis says:

    @James: Exactly! Punk took his ball & went home just like Austin did a decade ago

  3. Really? says:

    He’s the TNA investor!

    Not really, but imagine?

  4. Leading up to a ball vs ball match (Austin vs Punk) at Mania?

    I wouldn’t doubt that this is a work to be honest. It is the lead up to Mania right now and Punk vs Triple H has been teased a lot.

  5. Scott II says:

    There has been rumors that the guy has burned out, and needs to rest nagging injuries. Maybe he didn’t go about things the right way, but let him have his time off. He’ll be back. He knows where his bread is buttered. Unless Ring of Honor were to somehow become bigger, and gets a network deal like TNA, he’ll be back in the WWE in the future. Guaranteed.

  6. Matt says:

    What re-writes? Just to not include Punk? Since i can’t imagine anything major was re-written when everything built to the leaked list of Mania matches.

  7. T says:

    What was the argument about though? About Bryan? About the plans for him on RAW? Annoyed that part time wrestlers get pushed over full time wrestlers?

    I would not be shocked if Punk quit. The last few months he has seemed burned out and his contract is up in 5 months. Then again it could be a work but why pull him off shows (costing the company money and making fans who paid to see Punk upset)

  8. Jeff Copeland says:

    hey personal note who cares his stupid lazy ass is gone and let him stay gone go back to roh where no one watches that crap

  9. cold says:

    Refund? you ever heard the phrase, CARD SUBJECT TO CHANGE ?

  10. Sting says:

    He will be back. It’s either he comes back or he’s dead to the wrestling world until July

  11. Dan Stein says:

    Cold, they give out refunds all the time for this. Bryan got hurt in the cage match against Bray and they gave refunds out for the next live show.

  12. Jeff Copeland says:

    cm is better off doa wwe is gonna be fine with out him

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