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Column: Possible Sting angle if he ends up in WWE

Paul Magno posted an article on Yahoo entitled “Sting Headed to the WWE? Three Sizzling Angles for the Incoming Legend.” Here is a scenrio he suggests to set up Undertaker vs. Sting.

The Undertaker Cometh

With his back against the wall, McMahon reaches out to The Undertaker, who at first seems cold to the idea of taking up arms against men who have done nothing to him. He even intimates that maybe McMahon has this comeuppance coming to him.

Later, as Sting and his crew go too far in disrupting a ceremony to honor WWE legends in attendance on a Monday Night Raw, the Undertaker makes his appearance and takes the first shot in the Sting-Undertaker feud.

Ultimately, Sting’s run on the WWE main stage ends with a thrilling Hell in a Cell loss to The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31.

Months later, Sting can be brought back for a brief run as a face so he can finish his career as the fan favorite he deserves to be and maybe even have a second run at being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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11 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    All terrible

  2. VicVenom says:


    But terrible creativity seems to be what they’re best at.

  3. Scott says:

    I agree with Nick.

    Probably the best initial storyline for Sting would be to rekindle the feud with Flair even though I don’t think the match will be anything like their WCW feud. But maybe Flair is the manager for someone? Had Punk not quit, Sting vs Punk at Mania would have been interesting. So why not choose someone deserving, such as Dolph Ziggler? Unless there’s a real Sting mark in the WWE locker room who would do anything for a Mania match with their hero?

  4. cas says:

    NO! NO! NO!

  5. jake says:

    Wtf. Have taker or whoever in ring talking mania. Lights go out we wonder who. Eerie music (starcadde 97), raven or bird they used then spotlight on somebodies arm, it flies down, lands on top rope. We see a glance of him in rafters, he points the bat. Lights out, end show.

    Show 2) same sitch but when lights up stings in ring, if taker, its nose to nose, sell the potential.

    Show 3) he comes out and talks. But keep the mystique, like taker, less is more. He doesn’t need wrestle raw or talk toooo much. After starcadde 97 wcw fumbled bc sting started talking too much and became just another guy. Instead of their taker.

    Sting could be protected better in wwe, still have good programs a year or 2 and enter the hall. Id love to see him/wyatt, him/taker.

  6. Ian says:

    Sting- heel, good luck with that one

  7. Redrules1977 says:

    Totally agree with jake. Less is more. Build up the mystique of Sting. Could be an interesting,and entertaining storyline and get some better ratings. I cant see Sting as a “Heel” though. Maybe have Taker turn heel since his brother Kane is already a part of “The Authority”.

  8. The Shield says:

    1st off Sting nor Taker probably wants to be in HiaC. 2nd why does it have to be heel vs face, why can’t it be legend vs legend, something like HHH vs Taker 2, where it was billed as an end to an era & nothing else.

  9. T says:

    Paul Magno has played too many WWE video games. His storylines are awful but then again it is Yahoo so they take pretty much anything.

  10. What? says:

    When did fan fiction become news?

  11. StingSux says:

    Why bring Sting to WWE at all? Leave him in TNA with all the other WWE Castoffs and has beens!!!

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