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Matt Hardy speculates on Sting going to WWE

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  1. Wes says:

    Someone’s jelly.

  2. Stonz says:

    This coming from a guy that has all KINDS of problems and is jealous that he will not likely be in WWE for MANY years, if ever lol.

  3. bravest PAPAyA says:

    Seems legit. I think it’d be wise for Sting to be an ambassador for WCW. Especially, with The Network coming. Honestly, how many matches can he do?

  4. Jackson says:

    Fat Hardy has to hate as WWE doesn’t want him back. Keep right on living in the gutter with you addict brother……

  5. Really? says:

    What did he say that made him come across as jealous? He wasn’t bad mouthing Sting or the WWE in that tweet.

  6. Scott II says:

    Matt, face it, you are the lesser of the Hardys. If it wasn’t for your brother, and the crazy stuff you guys did in the late 90’s-early 00’s, you’d be some chump wrestling indies that NOBODY knows about.

  7. cas says:

    in his less than 140 characters…. no words indicated any ounce of jealousy? some of you guys need a life away from the internet

  8. Shane says:

    Good lord. These comments are insane. He just speculated to the role that Sting might play. I mean, I’ve never cared for Matt much but this amount of hate seems rather unwarranted.

  9. Jackson says:

    Well, he does beat his wife you know…….

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