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Leaves Raw, goes home

Dave Meltzer is reporting that CM Punk informed Vince McMahon right before Raw started on Monday that he was going home. This was was not expected, but it was highly speculated that Punk would leave when his current contract expires in July. Obviously, this caused a quick rewrite of the show to remove Punk from the program. Apparently Punk had been showing signs of being burned out, and needing a break from wrestling.

There is a frustration level in the WWE locker room, and while wrestlers have wanted to speak up, Punk often did voice his displeasure since he has invested his money wisely and never worried about losing his job. The timing of his departure is interesting with this being Wrestlemania season. There is concern from a talent perspective about this year’s Wrestlemania paycheck might be less with Wrestlemania being apart of the launch of the WWE Network. This issue has not been formerly addressed on how the pay structure will likely change

The word is that Punk’s departure was not based on one specific thing, but a growing frustration with WWE.

With Punk currently out of the picture, there is speculation that the penciled Punk vs. Triple H match at Wrestlemania being changed to Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H.

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16 Responses

  1. LOL says:

    Wait Punk don’t go the stocks are at an all time high WHAT ABOUT THE NETWORK….THE NETWORK!!!

  2. Daniel says:

    Maybe he can be found at Mick Foley’s home…throwing a brick through yet another one of Mick’s televisions.

  3. Kerry says:

    CM Punk will make his return to Ring Of Honor at the next PPV. Lol

  4. WOW says:

    Frankly I don’t blame him. He’s one of the hardest workers I’ve seen in the business and should be a regular main eventer at this point.

  5. cas says:

    if Vince was involved, its a work. clearly he needs/deserves a break. my guess is he’s renegotiating his contract. if he quit for real, then good on him

  6. Helio says:

    If there’s really a Sting deal in the works, this would sure give Borden a bit more leverage to work with.

  7. Chris B says:

    WWE have a history of making mistakes but they’ve always been able to recover. In all the years I’ve watched them, never have I seen the sort of backlash they are receiving for having Batista win the rumble and not have Daniel Bryan involved. This isn’t just internet fans complaining, thousands of fans in the arena had their voices heard and now punk has reportedly walked out. Maybe, just maybe, they will now see the light and try and fix this mess. It’s going to take some doing though

  8. WWEUnCreative says:

    Who is left now… Punk, Bryan, The Shield, The Wyatts, Brock Lesnar.

    Only things keeping me interested.

    The Wyatts are going to die out now because they are in a direct fued with Cena.

    The Shield will split. Lesnar barely shows up, Bryan does not get what he deserves.

    What is the point watching WWE promote the wrong talent.

    E.g. A 45 Year Old who did not want to return because WWE was PG, Bryan embraced this never even swears got kids cheering for him and yet WWE gives it to the guy that left and badmouthed them.

  9. WWEUnCreative says:

    Uso’s still yet to have a title. Despite putting on some great matches with the shield and having a solid tag gimmick.

    New Age Outlaws 1998/1999 last title reign, 2014 Current Champions.

    John Cena is an 12 or 13 Time Champion & Randy Orton is a 11 or 12 Time Champion.

    Punk has 7 title Reigns. 0 Since Royal Rumble 2013.
    Bryan has 2 title reigns.

    Im not invested in John Cena or Randy Orton most of their possible WWE fueds seem to just repeat nothing ever really looks new with them, no change in attitude just boring heel vs boring face.

  10. Really? says:


    Maybe he can front them money for some better equipment so the feed doesn’t constantly drop out and everyone can actually see him.

  11. art123guy says:

    I guess that means AJ won’t be holding onto the WWE Diva’s title much longer.

  12. Drew says:

    “There is concern from a talent perspective about this year’s Wrestlemania paycheck might be less with Wrestlemania being apart of the launch of the WWE Network.”

    CM Punk should come back to lead a mutiny.

  13. rob says:

    What a mark. He shouldve faked an injury after Mania. At least hed collect a giant payday before he left.

  14. Booker T says:

    The company have made it perfectly clear they aren’t going to let smaller guys headline wrestlemania, it has to be big, strong looking dudes, they’re looking at jacked guys as THE guy to take over from Cena overlooking Bryan and Punk and Anyone on the roster currently really.

    they seem to be high on a guy for five minutes, push him, he gets himself over, they panic and rip it out from under him.

    If you’re Punk and you’re financially set for a long while and have no chance of progressing, what would you do? take a break from the travel…it’s really not worth it.

  15. Joseph says:

    The problem with all this is that we have no idea what really happened, or even how it happened. We just have someone saying it was this and we all jump on the bandwagon and believe it. Wasn’t this reporter the same one who claimed that Billy Corgan was in talks to buy TNA? I sort of take things from him as embellished truths and nothing more.
    As far as we know Punk could have left due to frustration or even childish behavior, but then maybe Punk was worn out from working all those shows and just needed time to recoup.

  16. Jeff Copeland says:

    oh wa wa the cry baby is gone

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