Angle: “The one that I wanted and still want is Triple H”

Jan 29, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

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Josh Modaberi of Wrestling 101 recently interviewed Kurt Angle, here
are a few the highlights:

On wanting a match with Triple H:

The one that I wanted and still want is Triple H because when I was
wrestling him I wasn’t very good and I know he had to do a lot of
carrying me around when I first started. I would love to do a
programme with Triple H someday because he is that good, to be where
I’m right now and where he is right now I can?t imagine what the match
would be like but maybe that is something that can happen down the road.

On whether he will return to WWE:

Yeah, I never say no, I love TNA, I love Dixie Carter, I’ve had a lot
of fun here but I never countout going back to WWE. It is always
there, the opportunity is there, a lot of people don’t want to retire
unless they go out at WrestleMania, it is tough when you have the
ability to do that it is hard to just walk away. I’m not saying it is
going to happen soon but there is going to come a time where I will
have to make a decision and I have to do what is best for Kurt Angle,
as much as I love TNA I have to do what?s best for me and that?s what
I?m going to do.

On the current state of TNA:

It is tough, our attendances weren’t great on the road. I know it cost
the company a lot of money but we didn’t have terrible crowd numbers,
it was pretty good, it just wasn’t good enough to cover the costs.
When that happens you can only go in debt so much before you have to
say, ok we need to regroup.

The full interview can be read here:

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