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Notes on The Royal Rumble, Batista, Matt Morgan, and Daffney

– The decision was made to replace Bad News Barrett and Xavier Woods with JBL and El Torito in the Rumble match.

– The current plan is to turn Batista heel some time after WrestleMania XXX.

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  1. Ian says:

    Turn him heel AFTER WM, because turning him heel now when NO ONE can stand him and everyone hates that he won the rumble and no one wants him around would make too much sense.

  2. What? says:

    The same people who were cheering his return, you mean? You don’t hype someone’s return that much and have them not win; it’s the surprise returners like Sheamus and Nash who make a decent showing and/or get their extended 15 minutes, then make way for who is “supposed” to win. I’m fine with people not liking Batista right now; it’s being all surprised that he won that’s laughable to me.

    A lot of people aren’t as mad that Batista won as they are that Daniel Bryan didn’t (and wasn’t even in it), but it was actually pretty brilliant. One, it sells the beating he took from Wyatt. Two, the “WWE is against Bryan succeeding” sentiment is at a fever pitch right now, so it will be even more of a payoff when he finally does break through again.

  3. Really? says:

    So because they keep a stock of tables at the Impact zone, that automatically means they always have hockey sticks on hand?

  4. Matt says:

    Both replacement gags were already played off. Not really news. Barrett always does his Shango gag and with the current gimmick he loves to troll. Torito was a good chocie for both a gag and a added moment for history. No offense to Hornswoggle but it’s nice to see a more established mini get the chance to be in a Rumble. Just like women they’ve had a long standing time in the industry since they have him under contract, why not let them occasionally get a rumble spot.

    And the JBL/woods thing was played off on RAW. Which was nice to finally see the JBL character in a rumble, even though the commentator entering is a bit more played out, doesn’t make it not fun to see it happen.

    And on Batista turning heel, it’s obvious it’ll happen. It’s best to keep him face now, to let Orton play it off. This is still primarily Orton’s storyline. Make it bigger when Batista beats him and the Authority turns on him.

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