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Dana White thinks WWE Network ‘devalues’ product


UFC president Dana White shot down the very idea of giving up the pay-per-view business for a $9.99 per month price, but he says if it works for Vince McMahon then let him swim in the money.

“It’s ridiculous. I hate to sound like I’m attacking the WWE or de-value what they did because Vince McMahon, say whatever you want and he’s always smashing us and talking s—t about us, but I will tell you this – I was watching WWE I was a little kid and Vince was the commentator in WWE. This guy has been kicking ass, breaking rules and doing things that people said he couldn’t do over and over and over again. Now I’m older I don’t get the whole thing, it doesn’t work for me, but what he’s able to do, the ratings he’s able to pull and the things he’s done and when I look at his model and he’s basically taking everything in and de-valued it. Saying everything we do is worth $10. That doesn’t make sense to me,” White said during a media luncheon on Monday.

“If he pulls in 2 million subscribers, he’s crushing it. So it’s a risky move, it’s a crazy move, but Vince has been doing risky, crazy s—t since the beginning of time. If anybody can do it, maybe Vince can do it.”

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10 Responses

  1. Zack says:

    Boy, Dana White sure is a douche.

  2. Deathedge says:

    What he said about Vince is dead on. Don’t agree about the “de-valueing” thing though…

  3. Scott II says:

    Haters gonna hate.

    You don’t run a huge company like Vince has without taking risks, and, at least on the business end of things, Vince is a genius. We can say whatever we want about the product he puts in the ring, but as a businessman, Vince has few equals.

  4. Josh Dionio says:

    Wasn’t he gonna do the same thing several years ago? Yeah, he was gonna try and buy G4TV, then make it the UFC network. You could even say Fox Sports 2 is that now.

  5. Chris B says:

    It’s not going to stay at $9.99 a month. It’s a price that’s been set to attract people to subscribe to it. I wouldn’t be surprised after about a year, it goes up to around $15.

    What I’m more concerned with is how they are going to launch it in the UK. I have a hard time imagining people at a computer watching a streaming tv channel. As seemingly do a lot of companies as most online services are now available on the tv or blu ray players. Sky have the monopoly on WWE and I would hope they’d be able to reach a deal to have the network as one of the apps available on the sky box. Similar to how they have the catch up service and tv box sets available now.

  6. Jumping Junior says:

    Risky yes, de-valueing it? Wouldn’t wrestling having free weekly tv shows de-value it? This isn’t the ancient old days where big shows happened a few times a year and often had brand new matches every show. Those days ended.

    Maybe it’s not that way over in MMA land, but in the wrestling world, i’m sure lots of people will embrace paying the company directly to access their library instead of a bundle each month for a show. And let’s not kid ourselves about the other mountains of merchandise the WWE will still have to make plenty of money on.

    Maybe it’s smaller than it would be, but i can’t see someone not seeing the bigger brand increases such will bring. You want to make people a fan of the company, not just x events per year. You want them to watch any show, not just skip up to the big show with a big price tag. That kind of stuff went dead with the dodo.

  7. T says:

    Of course the price has to increase at some point as I would think the talent is not amused about the lack of/decrease in PPV bonuses. Less money for PPVs means less money for talent on a PPV.

  8. Gazz says:

    Chris B, after reading your comment, I’m starting to wonder the exact same thing. I also have to wonder with you mentioning about the network possibly being an app added onto Sky+ boxes (or in my case Virgin media) if WWE would still consider the addition of their as part of their deal with Sky and not allow them to renegotiate their TV deal with TNA (as well as other companies) to move them onto another channel.

  9. art123guy says:

    Chris and Gazz, I think if they don’t raise the price, they’ll make you pay extra for PPVs, past and present. They’ll be in the Premium section which will cost you.

    BTW, since wrestlers get a percentage of PPV sales, what does this do to their salaries?

  10. Deathedge says:


    I’m going to guess (it’s a wild one though) that they’ll get a % of the WWE Network’s revenue… All I know for sure is it depends on how the Network actually does.

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