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Former IC champion upset about not being in the Royal Rumble

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  1. Dragon says:

    One difference Ben will be remembered forever. Axel will hardly be a memory.

  2. Scott II says:

    The difference between Axel and Bryan?!? People care about Nryan.

    Know your role and shut your mouth jabroni!

  3. Stunning Steve says:

    I like Curtis Axel, but the fans just have never embraced him. They tried to give him the IC push but it was met with indifference. It’s bad when you get no reaction from the fans.

  4. The Dude says:

    I like how every fan seems to write their own dictionary on the spot. Just make whatever word mean what you want to make a point.

    Who else want’s their sticker for passing stupid camp? :O

  5. Deathedge says:

    WWE killed him the second he came in with that horrid “McGillicutty” ring name. The Curtis Axel name is a slight improvement, but they should of just used his real name.

    Of course, the fact that he has no mic skills doesn’t help him.

  6. Adam says:

    Some guys are simply meant to be faces at first. Ditch the mountain man beard, find a good storyline insert and embrace your pedigree…use it. It would work.

  7. Adam says:

    Btw, ranting on social media about it when you have no immediate value??? Good luck on your future endeavors Carlito…er I mean Curtis… #dumbass

  8. IWC Writer says:

    He was lucky he even won the IC title.

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