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Bryan explains Royal Rumble absence, says WWE is holding him down

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  1. jas says:

    I’m a 100% sure that this is a total work guarantee big things will happen for Daniel Bryan at wrestlemania

  2. Andrew Davis says:

    Daniel Bryan at least got a ppv match last night, why isn’t he asking why the divas didn’t get a single spot on the card? Why 38 men got a payday, but not a single diva? Try explaining that Daniel, then worry about not getting a 2nd spot on the card

  3. Andrew Davis says:

    38 men got a ppv spot last night, some more then 1, yet 1 of them is going to bitch he didn’t get a 2nd spot, when no divas got even 1 spot, sorry but no sympathy for a crybaby who just wants more money, when others get nothing

  4. Derek says:

    To be fair I don’t think most people care about the Diva matches. Many people use them as bathroom/snack runs.

    So who cares that there was no Diva matches?

  5. Roscoe Jones says:

    The wrestling fans who make the majority of the fanbase look awful to the general population are very good at exposing themselves.

    Andrew, we now know that
    A) you live in mom’s basement and
    B) are definitely a virgin

    Divas: don’t draw, sell tickets, pop ppv buys or ratings. They’re filler.

    We are on the hottest part of the pro wrestling calendar year, the fed is ignoring what the fans want, and that’s your argument? And you post it twice? Ugh, please go away.

  6. Kerry says:

    I think Andrew Davis is really a woman, because he’s acting like a Diva.

  7. Andrew Davis says:

    Acting like a diva would be the person bitching they got a payday, but not a second 1 on the same show. That is being a diva. Or the person bitching that so and so isn’t in the main event for WM so they aren’t going to watch. That’s hilarious, do you see everyone who isn’t a Broncos or Seahawks fan saying they won’t watch the Super Bowl b/c their team didn’t get in?

  8. Zack says:

    @Andrew Davis Because no one cares.

  9. jim says:

    Andrew davis stop being a communist. Db worked like 3 matches in a single raw this yr. Why u feel the need to be a moron…. idk

  10. HHHKnew says:

    Well i guess atleast this fan reaction could make things more interesting than a Batista Vs Orton match.

    I hope WWE does the right thing. They had to make Jeff Hardy champion a few years ago due to reactions but they had the safety net of Smackdown World Champion. Or WWE champion as it was at the time.

    Bryan is the most popular wrestler right now. Batista is not The Rock he has no mainstream draw he was not in UFC, he was a small cast member in the terrible Riddick, and that Wu Tang Clan guys movie. Guardians Of The Galaxy wont be as succesful as The Avengers oh yeah also Batista is 45 years old. Build your Future. Dont leech from the past.

    New Age Outlaws… Usos still have not won a single tag title.
    CM Punk vs Kane nobody cares for this.
    Misuse of Punk
    Misuse of Bryan
    WWE should focus on what sells and gets the right reaction. Not a crap heel with no heat and a bodybuilder with the crowd against him.

  11. HHHKnew says:

    If WWE wants to sell The WWE Network they should just promote the viewing of the past matches of The New Age Outlaws and Batista. And the domination of HHH. Im sure that would be a nice ego stroke eh.

    And give the NOW wrestlers the title, CM Punk has not been near the Title since he lost it to The Rock last Royal Rumble.

    What are they doing with him… If they dont want him to stay they are doing a good job at pushing him away. Punk will retire and WWE will be all the worse off.

  12. Branden says:

    @Andrew…nowhere does he say he’s upset about not getting a second check. In fact, I’m willing to bet no one gets paid twice for being in a match and being in the Rumble as well.

  13. ryanc561 says:

    Jeez, wrestling fans are so sexist sometimes.

  14. Saxon says:

    What if Bryan wins in the elimination chamber?

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