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WWE Network pushing the boundaries of television

WWE Network has an article about 5 products that are pushing the
boundaries of television and lists the upcoming WWE Network in the first
place. “The pro wrestling monolith will be the biggest and most
influential company to completely circumvent traditional television,” the
article states, putting WWE in the list along with the likes of Netflix,
HBO, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Vevo. WWE shook the TV world earlier this
month after announcing the $9.99 a month WWE Network which will includes
all previous WWE, WCW, and ECW shows, original series, and all of the
yearly 12 pay-per-views at no additional cost. The WWE Network launches on
February 24 in the United States.

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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4 Responses

  1. Meh says:

    Really? The Xbox One? Really?

    The Xbox One is bound to have to have something go wrong with it. The original X-box had a fire hazard with it wires, the 360 had the 3 Red Lights of Doom and a system software glitch that caused people to get their Live accounts banned yet despite this the trust in Mircosoft’s consoles doesn’t much of a hit. How the Mircosoft fanpeople still trust Mircosoft when comes to consoles I don’t understand.

  2. Andrew says:

    The 3 Red Lights of Doom?

  3. Derek says:

    The Xbone? really? Really?

    That console is nothing but a joke. Only xbots like it and people who aren’t sniffing M$’s ass know how much of a joke it is.

  4. dooman says:

    ya the 1st network without viewers if they keep this booking up

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