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royal rumble giveaway pools

It is that time of the year – The Royal Rumble, and as always, GERWECK.NET is giving away three prizes. We will enter 30 names into three separate pools. This year, 90 readers will have an opportunity to win a prize.

Pool #1:

Booker T’s “From Prison to Promise”

1. Nick Bouchard
2. Mike Nguyen
3. Joseph Kotulski
4. Jeremy Westwood
5. Kevin Roberts
6. Natalie Stachowiak
7. Troy Leszczynski
8. Nick Repko
9. Alicia Fleming
10. Guy de Peso
11. Barry Moore
12. Trevor Oram
13. Sean Townsend
14. Michael Lattouf
15. Ken Hamblin
16. Adam Fox
17. Jim Tippett
18. Vivian Sahm
19. Angel Marin
20. Simon Yates
21. Kyle Russell
22. Art Sanders
23. John Keim
24. Kamil Stankowski
25. Robert Franklin
26. Andrew Davis
27. Ethan Allen
28. Craig Gibbs
29. Mike Mazur
30. Robyn Gutshall

Pool #2:

Jimmy Snuka’s “Superfly: The Jimmy Snuka Story”

1. Carter Gessay
2. Mike Kohari
3. Matt Beyer
4. Seth Drzewicki
5. Bob Theriault
6. Ben Candelario
7. Scott Steudler
8. Greg Robinson
9. Adam Morehart
10. Alex Gessay
11. Brett Bernicky
12. Louie Figueroa
13. Eric Williams
14. James Angelini
15. Brandon Bulinsky
16. Ira Knobler
17. Thom Brent
18. Nicole Rivera
19. Scott Baron
20. Lincoln McLeod
21. Phil Vale
22. Joseph Kelley
23. Brian Parker
24. Brian Wheat
25. Hannah Perry
26. Eddie Villalpando
27. Paul Hiller
28. Christian Palko
29. Stan Janczuk
30. Steven Kender

Pool #3:

Kevin Steen: Descent into Madnes (2 DVD set)

1. Buzz Tippett
2. Ken Moorhouse
3. Joey Gessay
4. Nick Repko
5. Michael Hirn
6. Kevin Ramsden
7. Jennifer Cogan
8. Jonathan Pizarro
9. Mike Messina
10. Craig Moser
11. Aiden Kendera
12. Shawn LaBorde
13. Anders Dahl
14. Matthew Sheppard
15. Kevin Neitzel
16. Mark R. Mortensen
17. John Sells
18. Chris Havius
19. Linsey Church
20. Hunter Metry
21. Adam Luce
22. Beau Holmes
23. Michael Berry
24. Eric Braley
25. Josh Dionio
26. Tony Kapuschinsky
27. Guled Ahmed
28. Zac Richards
29. Nick Elzer
30. Mike Buzzard

If your number matches the winner of the 2014 Royal Rumble, you will win the prize. We will announce the names for the pools this weekend. Stay tuned, and good luck if entering!

Reminder: join us Sunday night for our LIVE coverage of WWE’s Royal Rumble PPV, starting at 7:30PM ET.

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8 Responses

  1. Gibbsey says:

    Number 28. Hopefully I will get someone better than Brodus clay like last year

  2. I guess you won’t send the prize to Scotland as I entered way before any of the pools was full. You could state that it’s not applicable for people outside of the USA so people don’t bother applying.

  3. Scott II says:

    Lucky #7… Well Rumble winners usually come from one extreme or the other… As I probably end up getting Heath Slater…

  4. gerry says:

    I got the number that one last year

  5. Dan Lovato says:

    I didnt get in?!?!!?!?

  6. gerry says:


  7. Scott II says:

    Well, I got stuck with Swagger.

    Congrats to those that had #28

  8. Guled says:

    i was close! but congrats to the winner(s)

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