Results from NWA FUW Underground Shines 2 in Tampa, FL‏ (Matt Morgan vs. Trent Barretta)

Jan 26, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

credit: Alan Wojcik

On Saturday January 25th NWA Florida Underground Wrestling presented UNDERGROUND SHINES 2. The event was held at the DoubleTree Hotel-Westshore, 4500 West Cypress Street in Tampa, FL. Former World Tag Team champion “Nasty Boy” Brian Knobs was in attendance.

(1) In a mixed tag match, “Wrestling’s Strong Man” Wayne Van Dyke/Solo Darling defeated “All Pro” Leo Gold/Justine Silver.

The ladies started for their respective teams with Darling playing some mind tricks on Justine, that stopped when Silver grabbed the arm. But Darling countered out and the men tagged in. Gold got taken to school so Silver threw in a penalty flag for taunting?? This allowed Gold time to get in a questionable blow and take over on Van Dyke. Van Dyke went for a slam but his weight lifting belt appeared not to be tightened. Gold kicked a 35 yard field goal through Van Dyke’s ribs and got two. Van Dyke fought back and slammed the big man. The ladies re-entered the match and it was Darling who was the aggressor. Silver was pinned but Gold saved her which brought Van Dyke in to make a sandwich of their opponents. Gold called for “Omaha” but hit backfired as he missed a double tackle. Van Dyke suplexed Darling onto Silver for the entertaining win. Gold wanted to throw a challenge flag but pinfalls are not reviewable in NWA FUW.

(2) JB Cool defeated “Cuban Assassin” Fidel Sierra (w/Fantasy).

Sierra didn’t make friends by insulting the audience and his opponent before the opening bell. When the bell rang Sierra attacked Cool who was saying hello to the fans. This lasted a few moments until Cool scored a backdrop and a Polish Hammer sending Sierra to the floor. Sierra came back in the ring with a new attack plan but that didn’t include Cool locking in a side headlock and not letting go. When he did, Cool was maneuvered by Sierra to the floor out of control where Fantasy was waiting with some boots to the ribs. Sierra followed out and attacked Cool sending him into the guardrails and back into the ring. The ropes were used to choke Cool by Sierra and Fantasy. Cool was having issues recovering from the attack but the fans rallied behind him as he escaped a rear chinlock submission. But when he escaped Cool was slammed back to the mat and Sierra went up top. But Cool met him and brought Sierra back in with a vicious chest chop. Cool got momentum going as Fantasy distracted him so Sierra could hold him. But Fantasy and the Cuban flag missed the mark and Cool rolled up Sierra for the win.

(3) Deimos & Kennedy Kendrick (w/Camey) became NWA FUW Tag Team champions defeating JD Maverick & James Alexander, Jeff Boom & Mitch Mitchell and Aron Solo & Jon Davis.

Early on the champions kept the action in their corner working over Aron Solo but he fought back and tagged out to Davis who showed off his strength advantage by trying to slam Alexander through the mat. Alexander was tagged by Kendrick who faced off with Solo but he immediately tagged Deimos after getting punched. So Deimos tagged out only to be tagged by Kendrick who went to the floor to chat with Camey. Deimos showed off his power with a corner power bomb and followed with a double team in the corner. Boom tagged in for his duo and went to work on Kendrick but Mitchell’s efforts backfired. Kendrick and Deimos worked on him but Maverick tagged in. maverick took over for several moments until Kendrick made a blind tag and that too backfired for his duo. Mitchell hit a jawbreaker and Boom attacked. But the champs dragged Boom to the floor where all hell broke loose with all eight men fighting and Solo hitting them all with a tope’. Boom went to hit a tope of his own but Kendrick slid in and rolled him up for the upset win to crown new champions.

(4) Former TNA Wrestling star Wes Brisco defeated former TNA Wrestling star Mikey Batts.

This was Batts’ first time in NWA FUW but he is not a stranger to the Florida wrestling scene. Batts decided to amateur wrestle with Brisco, which worked for one move. Then Brisco hit Batts with a move sending Batts to the floor for a timeout. Batts came back in and offered a handshake. Brisco thought about it and locked in a headlock followed by shoulder tackle. Brisco hit some fists and a corner clothesline that shook Batts near out of his boots. Brisco hit two chops but his corner whip and follow missed and Batts hit a leg lariat followed by a chinlock. Brisco fought to his feet and tossed Batts away with a fallaway slam but got caught by another leg lariat for two. Batts went to the chinlock again but Brisco hit a jawkbreaker and some body shots. Batts fought bak and hit a modified Code Red but missed another move when Brisco countered into a TKO for the win.

(5) Shine Wrestling Showcase match, SNS Express (Jesse Belle Smothers/ Sassy Stephie) defeated La Rosa Negra/Su Yung.

Despite never teaming to my knowledge, Negra and Yung made a formidable tag team controlling the SNS Express for several moments. But Negra got isolated from Yung and thanks to some legal/illegal tactics, the SNS Express took over. The referee was blind but eventually caught a illegal double team abdominal stretch and made the SNS break it. Negra blocked a Smothers suplex but couldn’t follow up with offense. Negra fought off defeat a few more times and finally tagged in Yung who was filled with furious anger that she unleashed on the SNS. Negra recovered to help with a suplex on Stephie. Negra hit the Express with another move and it looked like the end when Negra went up top but the Express had other plans, pulling Negra off. Smothers took care of Yung as Stephie rolled up Negra, using both her feet on the bottom rope.

(6) Wrestling legend “Bushwhacker” Luke Williams defeated Maxwell Chicago.

I’m not sure but it looked like the “Lounge Lizard of Chicago” was at a loss for words seeing Luke enter the ring. But he snapped out of it by taking it to the “old man” but got backdropped and hit with an inverted atomic drop. Chicago fled to the floor to get the feeling back in his bathroom spot. Chicago came back in with a knee to the gut and an armbar which Williams countered. Chicago raked the eyes to escape but his clothesline missed and so did his hip toss. But Chicago fought back only to be decked by Williams. Chicago hit a running knee and talked trash to the ringside seated Knobs but missed the big leg. Williams bit Chicago in the rear end and got a corner splash plus a rear shot when Williams pulled off his shorts, Rikishi style. Chicago slid to the floor only to get a punch from Knobs. Chicago recovered and dropped Williams on the ropes but his leg drop of doom got only two. Williams was dropped on the middle rope by Chicago and a knee drop. Chicago hit a back suplex and got two as the fans cheered for Williams who fired back with clotheslines for two. Williams hit a DDT for two and was ready to end it but Chicago hit a jawbreaker followed by a Rude Awakening for two. Chicago hit a superkick but once again got two when Williams grabbed the bottom rope. Chicago went up top but missed the mark. Luke went for and hit the Battering Ram using referee Dave Lictor’s head for the win.

(7) TRIOS LUCHA MADNESS, Mercenary Pitbulls (Angel Santos/Romeo Rozel) & FIP World Tag Team champion Rich Swann defeated Los Ben Dejos (Cruz & Rios AKA Team Lucha) & Lince Dorado.

This was high flying personified from the opening bell with Team Lucha and Dorado taking control only to have a toe to toe battle with their opponents. The action went to the floor where Lucha and Dorado hit a trios tope’. Back in the ring the trio took over on Swann and posed for the CNN Latino cameras. Not to be out done, the Pitbulls and Swann hit Rios with a triple team move. They isolated him from his corner for several moments with some jaw breaking and headache giving moves. Swann went to end it but his move was countered into a inverted Gory Special by Rios who tagged out to Cruz who cleaned house. But things got crazy with Santos and Dorado trading blows followed by Rozel getting hit with three top ropes moves. Santos saved him but in the end it was more craziness that was won thanks to Swann and his standing power 450 splash!!

(8) “The Sweetness” Sam Alias defeated NWA FUW Bruiserweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee via countout when Santee was unable to attend the show.

(9) Shine Wrestling Showcase rematch, Angelina Love defeated Leah Von Dutch.

This was a rematch from last night’s Shine 16 iPPV event. The ladies started out with some chain wrestling that ended when Love hit three clotheslines and a slam for two. Von Dutch fired back but missed a corner splash to be rolled up for two. Von Dutch got in a cheap shot and the fans were not happy. Von Dutch went up top but Love rolled away. So she came down and went after her in the corner. A little back raking also came into play for a two count. Love fell victim to the running knee to the gut and a suplex but got two. Von Dutch locked in a submission move but couldn’t get the tap out as Love fought to her feet. Love got her second wind with several clotheslines and a bulldog for two. Von Dutch fought back but Love slid out of a finisher attempt into a sunset flip for the win.

(10) In a match to crown a new #1 contender to NWA FUW Heavyweight champion Matt Morgan, former champion Michael Tarver defeated Trent Barretta.

Barretta wasted no time in jumping Tarver in the aisle way and the fight went around ringside with chairs and barricades being used by both men. The ringside area wasn’t good enough so both men fought into the fans near the announcers table. Fans scattered hoping neither man would land on them. Tarver used his power advantage and tossed Barretta through the barricade and back to ringside. But not in the ring as Barretta drove Tarver’s head into the ringpost. The bell finally rang as the match entered the ring and Barretta wanted the cheap win, instead he got suplexed on his head. Tarver hit Barretta with several KO punches to the jaw and a backdrop for two. Tarver put in the mouth guard and it wasa good thing as Barretta drove him into the corner buckle. But Tarver fired back with a discus forearm shot for two. Tarver went for an exploder but Barretta fought out into a enziguri followed by a tornado DDT for two. The match went onto the ring apron where both men traded hard shots. But it was Barretta who hit a DDT on the ring apron and tossed Tarver to the floor wanting the countout win. But Tarver beat the count and Barretta went up hitting a modified Warriors Way for two. Barretta was ready to end it but he got cocky and allowed Tarver got recover. Both men went to end it but neither man could hit the last shot. The referee gave a standing ten count and both men barely beat it. Tarver hit Barretta with an exploder for two and he looked exhausted. Tarver went up top but Barretta met him and came off with a suplex of his own. Barretta went for and hit a Shining Wizard but got two. Tarver got a backslide for two but Barretta was ready for a slingshot move flew right into a superman punch and Tarver won the matchup.

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