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Former WWE superstar develops early stages of congestive heart failure


Matt Anoi’a, 43, best known as Rosey in WWE, who is the older brother of Roman Reigns and son of Sika of the Wild Samoans, has developed early stages of congestive heart failure and a condition called atrial fibrillation. At press time he was hospitalized with his enlarged heart functioning at 25 percent. The heart issues led to a lot of fluid buildup. They’ve drained 62 pounds of fluid from his body and are hopeful to drain another 30 pounds before he leaves the hospital, hopefully in a few days.

credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  1. listentome says:

    Damn. :(

  2. Scott II says:

    Nearly 100 pounds of fluid?!? Damn! Hopefully he gets well soon.

  3. Drew says:

    I hope that he recovers. I would like to seem him come back at least one more time to assist Roman in a big match.

  4. Damn, I hope he comes back from this. Always had a lot of respect for him.

  5. MulkeyMania says:

    Matt’s a good guy. He used to be my neighbor in Milford, Ohio. I would run into him all the time at the grocery store or at our son’s football games (His son played the next age level down from mine). I used to wear a Georgia Tech hat all the time so we would talk about his brother Joe, who played for them at the time. A couple of months later he introduced me to Joe at one of the football games. Little did I know I was talking to the future Roman Reigns!

  6. @MulkeyMania awesome story! I remember when 3 Minute Warning was at a house show here in Sacramento. It was my first WWE event. The Sacramento Kings and LA Lakers were in a HUGE rivalry at the time and they wore Kings jerseys and everyone cheered. Then they took them off to reveal Lakers jerseys. The crowd was so hot! Kane and Hurricane came out and kicked their asses after that and the crowd loved it. Great entertainers. Sad what happened to Jamal/Umaga, I’d hat to see something similar happen to Rosey/Matt.

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