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Jan 24, 2014 - by staff


by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 753 that will be aired in Louisville on 1/25 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/753

OUR OVW Announce Team of Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Michael Titus get things going with the announcement of a “Nightmare Scramble” later on in this show which will have ten wrestlers competing. The first to be eliminated will be the first participant in next week’s “Nightmare Rumble” while the winner will be the last participant to enter the ring.

OUR OVW Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe grabs the mic from the announce table and heads to the ring. He is in tonight’s main event, tagging with Jamin Olivencia against Timmy Danger and OUR OVW Champion Marcus Anthony. Sharpe reminds us that he fought for Jamin to get a title rematch a few weeks back because it was the right thing to do. He admits that during that match (in which he was the referee), Danger pushed his buttons repeatedly to the point where he had enough and disqualified Anthony (leaving out the part where he slugged Danger) but in doing so, screwed his friend Jamin. Although Sharpe emphasizes that it was never his intention to screw Jamin, he says that he cannot have this match tonight as he would be putting both himself and Jamin in harm’s way so he calls Jamin out to let him know this. Jamin comes out and is quite burned up at this, telling Sharpe that he toldd Jamin that he would make this right! Jamin acknowledges that Sharpe is not a wrestler but Jamin says there is no different way to make this right. Tonight Sharpe will be his partner and make things right because he feels Sharpe screwed him out of his championship! Jamin yells at Sharpe, asking him if he is going to be Jamin’s partner tonight. Sharpe just kind of stands there with no reply so Jamin will make the decision for him-YES! Jamin says they will make things right and they will take out Danger and Anthony! Gilbert says that Jamin is willing to sacrifice Sharpe to get at Anthony but Dean reminds him that Sharpe could take out Danger.

Dylan Bostic comes out with OUR OVW Hula Hoop Champion Ray Lynn and they take pictures of each other. Bostic is wearing a pink varsity letter jacket (he is “King of Pink” after all). Bostic says everybody knows that he is “The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling” and that he and Ray Lynn have been searching every week to find the “Best Wingman Ever” but he believes that this week his goal has been attained! Bostic says to bring him out and here comes “Mr. Pec-tacular” ™ Jessie Godderz!! Gilbert wonders why Godderz would want to be a wingman but Dean believes that Godderz could take Bostic to another level. OUR OVW Official Josh Ashcraft is commandeered to take a picture of the trio.

Match #1: The Wingmen (“King of Pink” Dylan Bostic & “Mr. Pec-tacular” ™ Jessie Godderz) (w/ Ray Lynn) vs Leon Shelley & “Pastor of Disaster” Stuart Miles
I believe this is Miles’ TV debut although I’ve seen his name on live event results. Miles is wearing a dress shirt and dress pants as he sneaks up behind the chatting Bostic and gets a quick rollup for 2. A camera shot of Ray Lynn’s smiling face hides the fact that Godderz reaches through the ropes to trip Miles. The Wingmen work Miles over in their corner for a bit as Dean notes that Bostic’s track record with “friends” is not exactly stellar. A Double Wingman Suplex is delivered to Miles, who then get whipped across the ring. Shelley tags himself in but not before Godderz slams Miles. Godderz blocks Shelley’s forearm shots and stomps his feet before subjecting him to some double Wingman punishment. Bostic whiffs on 3 straight back sentons as Shelley rolls away but not fast enough as Godderz pops him and drags him over to the ropes. Dean and Gilbert are surprised to see Ray Lynn holding Shelley’s feet so Godderz can legdrop him. Godderz then directs Ray Lynn to distract Miles so that Bostic can come off the top with an elbow on Shelley for the pin.
Bostic thinks Godderz is awesome and has found himself a partner and a wingman!

Match #2: Nightmare Scramble
So this is really like next week’s Nightmare Rumble except we have only ten participants coming out a minute apart and the stipulations above. Of course, the winner of the Nightmare Rumble will face the OVW Champion at the 2/1 Saturday Night Special. OUR OVW Director of Operations & the First OVW Champion Trailer Park Trash comes out followed by Adam Revolver, who has brought out Brittany Devore holding the stolen tag title belts. TPT and Revolver tear into each other literally as Revolver’s wifebeater gets torn off. TPT chops and tries to dump Revolver out but it’s time for our next contestant! Out comes “Unmasked Marauder” Tony Gunn to attack TPT! Gunn and Revolver whip TPT into the ropes but TPT ducks and clotheslines both of them. Shiloh Jones joins in for some three on one beatings of TPT for the next minute before “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond comes out. Diamond comes out swinging gets attacked by Jonze and Gunn. Number six is Flash Flanagan (sans kendo stick) and we have some brief brawling until the other Marauders (Clint Poe, Raul Lamotta, & Nick Dumeyer) wander out to ringside and distract TPT and Flash enough so that Jonze and Gunn can dump them out to eliminate them. TPT and Flash return the favor and pull Gunn and Jonze over the top rope to eliminate them as well. Revolver and Diamond go at it in the ring as we go to break.
Back from break, we see that The Body Guy and OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus are #7 and #8 as they are already in the ring. Melvin goes after Revolver and Body Guy goes after Diamond as Gilbert says that since TPT and Flash were eliminated at the same time they will be the first two contestants in next week’s Nightmare Rumble. Meanwhile, “Man-Beast” Ted McNaler is contestant number nine but he doesn’t have much luck trying to knock Melvin off his feet. Body Guy is actually getting in some offense on The Mobile Homers (Revolver and McNaler)! With the other three down in the ring, Body Guy tells Melvin to eliminate himself. Melvin takes offense to this and gets all up in Body Guy’s face. The final contestant is OUR OVW Ladies Champion “Queen of Rings” Lei’d Tapa! She slams McNaler, forearms Diamond, elbows Revolver, and takes Melvin down with a big boot to the face! Body Guy begs off but Tapa picks him up and gives him the F-5 thingy. A masked person in a trench coat runs in and whacks Tapa in the knee (probably to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan shenanigans) before leaving just as quickly. Ray Lynn, Jessie Belle, and the returning Miss OVW 2013 Lovely Lylah (yay!) come to the ring and help Tapa to the back. Mobile Homers attack Diamond as we take another break.
Back from another break, Melvin wins a test of strength against the Mobile Homers then goes after Diamond. Wandering out to ringside are OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Michael (not PS) Hayes and Mohamed Ali Vaez, who snatch the tag belts from poor, defenseless Brittany. The Mobile Homers eliminate themselves and go after the champs, where they manage to regain one of the belts before making a break for the back. This leaves Melvin, Diamond, and Body Guy as the final three in the ring. Diamond grabs Body Guy by his goatee and pulls him over the top rope to eliminate him but is immediately chucked out himself by Melvin. So Melvin will be the final entrant in the Nightmare Rumble and Body Guy is not a happy camper!

“Bullshooter” Jay Bradley comes out wearing a flag on his back and holding some kind of title belt. Mongo the Cut Man is with him and rubs some cream on Bradley’s face before Bradley takes the mic to address his opponent, “Prime Time” Robbie Walker. Bradley tells Walker that this is not a wrestling match but a fight with the “supreme fighting machine”. Bradley says he is a professional and there are rules that must be followed such as no eye gouging (he gives Walker the Eyepoke of Doom!), no strikes to the throat (he gives Walker a jab to the throat!), and no blows below the belt (he kicks Walker in the groinular region).

Match #3: “Bullshooter” Jay Bradley (w/Mongo the Cut Man) vs “Prime Time” Robbie Walker
Ref Ashcraft calls for the bell as Bradley circles Walker, who is down on the mat from the demonstration. Bradley does a waistlock takedown and spins over Walker then grabs a leg and does an ankle lock, which makes Walker tap out. Bradley keeps it on a little bit longer before releasing the hold.
Mongo hands Bradley a different cap and shirt before putting an ice bag on Bradley’s shoulder. Bradley is now giving us a press conference as there is a podium set up in the ring. Bradley thanks his sponsors then thanks Buddha for showing him the enlightened path of the warrior and thanks Zen for the inner calm to bring the warrior out. Bradley says he will now take questions and he answers a few imaginary ones, saying that he is undefeated and calling “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe a liar and a fake. Bradley says he’s got the Nightmare Rumble as he is not only a former OVW Champion but he has fought bears and attack dogs, noting that there are no marks on him from doing this!
Howe comes out to ask Bradley a question but Bradley says he can’t since he doesn’t have any media credentials! Howe asks how full of crap he is and has it messed with him since Howe made him tap out at January’s SNS? Howe reminds us of Bradley’s “all sizzle and no steak” remarks and challenges him to a submission match at the 2/1 SNS. Bradley wants to do this now so Howe obliges. Bradley pushes Mongo into Howe as he climbs in, which gives Bradley the chance to lock in the Taz-mission and choke out Howe.

Sharpe is in the back pacing nervously. Jamin Olivencia comes in and Sharpe tells him that he has to reconsider the match as Sharpe is willing to do anything else to make this right. Jamin is not letting him out of this since Sharpe agreed to it and will see him out there

In the back, Stephon J Baxter III sits between The Mobile Homers and Hayes and Vaez with both tag belts sitting on a table. Baxter says he has degrees in sports negotiating and contract arbitration, so OUR OVW Board of Directors has appointed him to be an arbitrator to resolve the tag belt situation. Revolver sticks with the “legal man wasn’t pinned” argument and also does not want a rematch. Vaez says he and Hayes beat those goofs in Elizabethtown to win the titles then the Homers came back and stole them. Baxter takes notes on this as the teams argue. McNaler says he wants to go all in and suggests a “Rasslin’ Roulette” match at SNS where one team will win the tag belts and the person who loses the fall will be fired from OVW!

Sharpe is still hesitant as Jamin herds him out to the ring. Gilbert interrupts with some breaking news from the back: Sharpe cannot compete in this match as the Kentucky Boxing & Wrestling Authority will not sanction this match with Sharpe as a wrestler since he only holds a referee’s license thus Jamin will have to compete in a handicap match! Gilbert thinks Danger knew this all along. Dean then interrupts with his own breaking news from the back: OUR OVW Owner “Nightmare” Danny Davis will not let this stand and will make sure Jamin gets a fair shot, so Danger will be handcuffed to Sharpe while Jamin and Anthony have a match! Ref Ashcraft applies the cuffs to Sharpe and Danger as he and Anthony protest. Dean adds that if Danger refuses to be cuffed then Anthony forfeits the match (although I believe that this is non-title). The cuffs are on and the bell is rung but Anthony loiters outside the ring, almost getting counted out before finally climbing in. He immediately gets attacked by Jamin who unleashes a flurry of offense. Anthony catches Jamin coming off the ropes and puts Jamin on his shoulders but Jamin tries to wriggle free. Anthony spins around and Jamin’s foot catches Ashcraft upside the head, sending him down to the mat. Anthony picks up Jamin again and drops him backwards before hitting him with forearms. Anthony glares at Sharpe and comes out grab him. Jamin comes out but Danger powders him! Anthony grabs Jamin and launches him into the ringpost then rolls him back into the ring. Anthony drags Ashcraft over as Sharpe frantically tries to tell him what happened but Ashcraft slowly counts the pin after Anthony covers Jamin even as Sharpe slugs Danger. Anthony stands over Jamin as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: I noticed that the TNA logo is not in the show opening this week even though Godderz and Tapa are still around. There sure was a lot of extracurricular activity going on during the Nightmare Scramble. If TPT and Flash are the first two in the Nightmare Rumble, I’ll bet that the Marauders will be #3-#7. I’m guessing Godderz and Bostic will be next in line for a tag title shot? Who was Tapa’s assailant? Another female perhaps? Danger had enough powder to blind several people. Interesting that by knocking out Danger (as opposed to leaving him standing), Sharpe was unable to reach in to break the count. Overall, this was another enjoyable show, so thumbs up from me!

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