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Former WWE Star Says He Owns Rights To His Character, & He Was Limited By WWE In The Ring

The original Sin Cara appeared on the new edition of Mexican wrestling show “Tercera Caída”. Billy Krotchsen watched the show and translated the interview from Spanish to English.

The hosts asked him why there is a new Sin Cara wrestling & he responded that he wasn’t sure. He said that he was still under contract with WWE when they started using the new Sin Cara.

Cara stated that he owns the character of Sin Cara and that perhaps his lawyers would be taking a look into it, since he has proof he owns Sin Cara.

Cara then stated that he doesn’t have anything against the new Sin Cara, Alberto Del Rio or anyone in WWE.

While talking about his run in the company, Cara said that WWE told him he couldn’t wrestle the way he did in Mexico. He said that psychologically that had an effect his work since he was limited in what he could do in the ring.

Cara said that he never understood it because they brought him from Mexico knowing the style of wrestling he did, but then told him he couldn’t do it in WWE.

He said that led to him not working as hard, gained weight, etc. but now he’s once again focused & looking forward to wrestling again in Mexico.

To watch the interview (in Spanish), click here


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13 Responses

  1. bill says:

    everybody that hates on sin cara really needs to watch mistico in mexico. dude was, and still is a pro wrestling star.

  2. MC Live says:

    I don’t get how he could own the character. Isn’t WWE crazy on owning all of there character trademarks and what not? How could they let him get ownership of the character?

  3. Andrew Davis says:

    I’m guessing he owns the rights in Mexico, but WWE owns them in the USA

  4. Andrew Davis says:

    I always find it funny how Mistico was the original Sin Cara and was replaced by Hunico, yet Hunico was the original Mistico & was replaced by Sin Cara

  5. What? says:

    Limited by WWE in the ring? Well, no kidding. Just ask anyone who was a cruiserweight in WCW about that. Or anyone else who came from Mexico. Or Japan, for that matter.

  6. Scott II says:

    Limited, maybe, but there is still no excuse to him botching left and right like he did.

  7. Steven Jackson says:

    Good to hear Mistico is doing well. His WWE run was a complete disaster, which was a real shame. He did botch a hell of a lot but I’d rather see him botch than Ryback. Once again, WWE sign someone who isn’t from the WWE system and screw them over.

  8. Ian says:

    I personally would like to see him come to TNA as they wouldnt hold him back and would let him wrestle his style in the X-Division I’m sure, just to see what he can really do.

    As for him botching…if its in your head that you can’t wrestle your style and you have to completely change your style I’m sure they didnt help and possibly lead to some of his botches because it was already in his head.

  9. dave says:

    Wrestling is choreography, you change it after years of perfecting a routine and you will miss steps and mess up, therefore you botch easier.

  10. dave says:

    Sorry, *Pro Wrestling. Sorry you rasslers out there.

  11. Scott II says:

    Maybe, but when you have a fevw years of wrestling under your belt, changing styles shouldn’t be too difficult. Yeah, it might take some work, but it shouldn’t turn into the botchfest that was Sin Cara matches.

  12. Deathedge says:

    @Scott II

    While I do agree, it was WWE’s fault for telling him he had to wrestle a new style and then proceeding to throw him right out there on the main shows and giving him VERY little time to adjust. I kind of get why they didn’t put him in the developmental system (even though they should have) but they should of put him in dark matches first to see if he could do what they wanted him to do.

    I do have to wonder, though, what would have happened if he took the deal he was offered 2007ish. It was before WWE really started cracking down on high flying styles and they still had a cruiserweight division. He likely wouldn’t have been rushed in so quickly (since he wasn’t as over) and even if he was, there would of been a few more guys he could have worked with.

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