First Names Announced For TNA Impact’s Lockdown Fan InterAction

Jan 24, 2014 - by staff

If you have never attended a TNA Fan Interaction, I would highly recommend it. I’ve personally attended 2 of them. Bound For Glory 2009 in Los Angeles, & 2013 Bound For Glory in San Diego. They are well worth the money. Much more so then WWE Axxess. The crowds are much smaller, & the allotted time is more then enough to get everyone in attendance. BFG Interaction was $130, & we got everyone. For an additional $70 you got the HOF dinner, & to meet Sting. This upgrade was the only way to get Sting. The travel packages also include the hotel. Now unlike WWE WM travel packages where they put you up in a separate hotel then the WWE & it’s stars are staying in, TNA puts you up in the same exact hotel all the talent & their families are in. So you will be rubbing elbows all weekend with the stars. They are almost all in the bar most the weekend, or just out walking around. In San Diego the only 1s not staying at the same hotel with the fans were Sting & Dixie Carter. But even Dixie was hanging out in the bar Sunday night after the BFG PPV. All the talent is approachable, & very accommodating all weekend to the fans. Whether it be to sign an autograph, or pose for a photograph. So I would highly recommend checking out the packages if you are interested.

Update: The first list of names attending the Lockdown Fan InterAction have been announced below! Check back for more superstar updates in the coming weeks!

Samoa Joe
Madison Rayne
Gail Kim
The Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards)
Ethan Carter III
Bobby Roode
Austin Aries
James Storm
Samuel Shaw

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If you’ve never experienced a TNA Fan InterAction event, take a look back at archived footage on YouTube from some of our past Fan InterActions below!


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