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WWE Where Are They Now: Snitsky


Gene Snitsky’s time in WWE was anything but normal. He made his mark punting baby dolls into crowds and bellowing that anything “wasn’t his fault” before transforming into a grotesque psychopath with dirty, yellow teeth. That makes his pleasant life in Pennsylvania’s coal region, where he does lots of charitable work, all the more surprising.

Snitsky’s road to the squared circle began in Nesquehoning, Pa. Like many kids of his era, he grew up a huge wrestling fan, enamored by the spectacle of it all.

“The larger-than-life characters, the entertainment aspect of it, it sucks you in,” he told “I loved watching it every Saturday.”

Unlike many youngsters, Snitsky didn’t dream of becoming a Superstar at first. A standout high school football player, he wanted to pursue a career on the gridiron. Snitsky’s all-state credentials in Pennsylvania brought him to the University of Missouri, where he had the opportunity to learn from Andy Reid & Marty Mornhinweg, two of the top coaches in the NFL today.

Classic Snitsky photos | Current photos of Snitsky
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  1. Fisha695 says:

    Met him and some of his family members several times over the years, always has been a real approachable easy going guy even during his WWE run.

  2. borkline says:

    saw him at a benefit show for yokozuna a couple years ago he was very funny and did a comedy match with gillberg as the referee and big daddy v

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