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Jan 22, 2014 - by staff

January 23, 2014
LIVE! From Full Sail University

by Emerson “I am watching on my Roku” Witner

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Here’s what you need to know about NXT:

-The NXT Champion is Bo Dallas. He defeated Big E. Langston on June 13 after teasing a heel turn on May 16. Bo’s character has evolved into this delusional guy who thinks the fans love him when they hate him almost as much as people hate Cena.

-They also have Tag Team Champions, Konnor and Viktor, better known as The Ascension. They won the belts on October 3, defeating Adrian Neville and Corey Graves

-Paige is the first ever Woman’s Champion. She captured the belt on July 25 defeating Emma in the finals of a grueling tournament, which was not held in Rio De Janero.

-John “Bradshaw” Layfield is the Interim General Manager of the show, replacing Dusty Rhodes who Triple H fired in a power trip.

-The announce team is constantly rotating with some combination of Byron Saxton, William Regal, Brad Maddox, Alex Riley, Tensai, Renee Young and Tom Phillips

And that’s everything you need to know about NXT. (Now we know!) (And knowing is half the battle) (G.I. Joe!)

-Before we begin this is your weekly reminder that over on WrestleCrap.com I go into the way back machine and discover legendary moments in 140 characters of less for Epic Tweets In Wrestling History.

Welcome to the 2013 Wrestling Observer Award winning Best TV Show, which is announced by the 2013 Wrestling Observer Award winning Best Announcer, Mr. William Regal!

Of course I say that, but it is Tom Phillips, Tensai and Byron Saxton as the announcers. Eden, a pretty black woman, is our new ring announcer.

1.) Adrian Neville pinned Wesley Blake

Wesley Blake gets the jobber entrance, so it’s not even difficult trying to figure out who will win this one. Neville tried to be a nice guy before the match and shake Wesley’s hand, but Blade slapped it away.

Blake got in no offense until the very end when he got in a couple punches until Neville pinned him with The Red Arrow. Despite doing nothing on offense, Byron said that Blake was very impressive tonight. Well I guess there were always great jobbers.

-To the back where The BFF’s are being interviewed by Devin Taylor. Charlotte apparently has been on a two month vacation since turning on Bayley back in November. She dropped the nobodies and joined the somebodies.

Summer announced that we will see the rise of the BFF’s and the destruction of Natalya.

2.) Alexander Rusev (w/Lana) submitted Xavier Woods

Xavier is now using the Brodus Clay theme. Tensai doesn’t seem to mention that he now doesn’t have a theme. Two weeks ago Rusev destroyed Woods. This guy doesn’t do well in rematches, as shown last week when he lost to Kofi Kingston. Rusev is now only wearing his biker shorts and not his skirt.

Much like the first match between the two, Rusev beat the hell out of him, Woods made a brief comeback and Rusev finished him with The Accolade.

After the match Rusev put him back in The Accolade when…Sin Cara, of all people, made the save.

3.) Antonio Cesaro pinned CJ Parker

Speaking of strange decisions, CJ Parker continues to wrestle. At least we mix it up by getting Antonio Cesaro, who hasn’t been on the show since his match with William Regal a few weeks ago.

Parker went for a running senton, but Cesaro got his knees up, which was an awesome spot. Parker hit the high knee in the corner and dizzied Cesaro with an Airplane Spin, which Antonio no sold and turned into a 9-revolution Cesaro Swing. One Neutralizer later and Cesaro wins again.

-Look who’s back. After the match Sami Zayn hobbled out on crutches, saying he had a “medical situation”. Zayn says that his loss to Cesaro in the 2 out of 3 falls match was the only blemish in his 2013 and Zayn wants a rematch.

Cesaro walked up the ramp and turned it down, before walking away. Well they have 5 weeks to build to it.

-Devin interviewed The Miz, who is excited to be at Full Sail. Please don’t put him on commentary. CJ Parker stormed in and wondered why he keeps being booed. I can come up with a reason or two.

Miz was just as baffled that he couldn’t figure it out. So now apparently they will have a match. Parker talked about a Carbon Footprint before slapping Miz.

4.) Natalya (w/Bayley) submitted Summer Rae (w/Sasha Banks)

Renee Young makes it a four person announce desk for the this match. Jesus Christ…Nattie watched Wrestling With Shadows recently too (I did yesterday), as she said in a pre-match promo that she was going to get hungry and forget her manners. (The Anvil said the same thing at Canadian Stampede)

This was a really good match, as most NXT Diva matches are. Nattie caught a spin kick and locked on the Sharpshooter for the tap out in a quick bout.

-Devin interviewed Enzo and Big Cass about Enzo’s injury. Colin said he will be back soon. Aiden English walked in and pointed out that he beat Cass a few weeks ago.

Colin said Aiden has taken cheap shot after cheap shot. Aiden starts singing, so Enzo rolls over his foot with his mobile scooter.

-We are joined in the ring by the longest reigning NXT Champion of the last 25 years! Bo Dallas with Day 224 of his title reign.

Bo is here to celebrate his 224 days on top and cherishes the chants of Let’s Go Bo that the NXT Universe rains down upon him.

He thanks his third cousin, his sister’s college roommate and his 4th grade teacher for being there for him, as well as all of his Bolievers. You’re welcome, Bo.

Bo raises a banner to the ceiling commemorating his title reign. Of course by banner, I mean there was a picture on the big screen.

This brings out Adrian Neville to ruin the ceremony.

Adrian is out here on behalf of all of Full Sail and WWE to tell Bo to shut up. Neville is making an official challenge to the title. Bo points out that he last earned his title shot by beating a nobody in 4:45, meaning the crappy finish to Beat The Clock.

Triple H’s big head showed up on the big screen to announce that Adrian will get his title match if he can last 4:45 with Bo then he will receive a title rematch on February 27 on the live special on the WWE Network and the match starts now!?!?!?!

5.) In a Beat The Clock match, NXT Champion Bo Dallas did not defeat Adrian Neville in 4:45, thus earning Adrian an NXT Title shot on February 27.

What the what? Bo is dressed in his nice dress clothes. He should be given a week to get ready!

Neville was on the run a minute in, but Bo pulled on the apron as Adrian prepared for a big ass dive, but Adrian somehow made it in at 9 ½. Bo got a series of near falls off of suplexes and body slams, in other words, moves that have never ended a match. The crowd knew the match wouldn’t end until the last 30 seconds, so they didn’t get into it until then.

Adrian made a comeback and went for the Red Arrow, but Bo rolled outside the ring. Bo wasted 20 seconds outside the ring, before rolling back in as the clock runs out. Neville has beaten the clock and will now get a title shot in 35 days live on the WWE Network!

After the match Bo went for a post match attack, but Neville dropped him and then hit him with the Red Arrow for a visual 3 count.

That does it for this week. Until next week when we reach Day 231, remember to say your vitamins and take your prayers!

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