Brooke Hogan & Batista Teaming Up In New Horror Film

Jan 22, 2014 - by staff

Recently returned WWE star Batista & former TNA star Brooke Hogan are among the announced cast for the horror film “L.A. Slasher”, which recently completed production:

The film, according to promotional material, is “a biting, social satire about reality TV & the glorification of people who are famous for simply being famous, “L.A. Slasher” explores why it has become acceptable & even admirable for people to become influential & wealthy based on no merit or talent – purely through notoriety achieved through shameful behavior. Incensed by the tabloid culture which celebrates it, the L.A. Slasher publicly abducts a series of reality TV stars, while the media & general public in turn begin to question if society is better off without them.”

The film has launched an official Facebook page at


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