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Updates on Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards

– Tommy Dreamer did get a TNA try out as an agent last week, but hasn’t signed with the company yet. He has been in Los Angeles filming a movie.

– The word going around is that the American Wolves rejected a long term WWE developmental deal to sign with TNA, however, other reports suggest that
Triple H lost interest in Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards after their NXT television bout against the Ascension. In that match, there was a spot where Richards crashed down on the top of his head following a miscue.


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  1. MC Live says:

    Word is TNA was trying to get that story going around. It just shows how stupid they can be. Like they would ever turn down a chance at being in the WWE, the top company in the world, for a high grade Indy company, because that’s almost what TNA is. I want TNA to be good, I wanna see their stars put out the product they all deserve. But TNA is just so bad and full of stupid actions. Would anybody really pass up a shot at a WWE contract for TNA, which can barely provide a decent paycheck to their employees, while also restricting their chances at making money elsewhere. That makes no sense at all.

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