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Jan 17, 2014 - by staff


by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 752 that will be aired in Louisville on 1/18 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/752

“Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus has returned from his sabbatical and rejoins OUR OVW Broadcast Team of Dean Hill and “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey. Dean wonders why Tony Gunn would join up with the Marauders. Gilbert tells us that Jamin Olivencia is in hot pursuit of OUR OVW Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe, who Jamin blames for not being able to regain the OVW Championship in last week’s match against Marcus Anthony. Tonight, OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus defends his title and we have a triple threat match featuring some lovely ladies of OVW (OUR OVW Ladies Champion Lei’d Tapa, Jessie Belle, and Ray Lynn). Gilbert then announces that in two weeks right here on OVW TV, the Nightmare Rumble will take place with the winner becoming the number one contender for the OVW Championship and will take on whoever the champion is at the next Saturday Night Special on 2/1!

The Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & “Man-beast” Ted McNaler) come out to the ring sans Brittany Devore:( Revolver says never let it be said that they are cowards. It was a headache for them to get the production folks to dig up the footage from Elizabethtown that was shown last week, which he says proves that the Homers are the rightful OVW tag team champions. Revolver insists that the tag belts belong to them! He says OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Mohamed Ali Vaez and Michael (not PS) Hayes want to set up difficult stipulations for a rematch but then gets interrupted by McNaler, who calls out the champs. He says there is no risk without reward and the Homers are putting all the chips on the table as the champs took their jackpot! Here come the champs with ref Sharpe right behind them. Vaez reminds them that he said last week that they would be glad to grant the Homers a rematch so they will just do that right now. Sharpe holds up the belts but the Homers snatch them away and the champs attack!

Match #1: The Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & “Man-beast” Ted McNaler) vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Mohamed Ali Vaez & Michael (not PS) Hayes
They pair off and fight to start until the Homers bail out and grab the belts. They try to leave but the champs stop them. Back in the ring McNaler gets worked over as Vaez slams him followed by Hayes dropping an elbow and barring the arm but Revolver sneaks over to again make off with the belts but Vaez is there to stop him. Revolver scoots backwards to the corner and is there when McNaler escapes from Hayes and tags out. Revolver is immediately slung over to the champs corner and worked over as Gilbert and Dean note how peaceful the announce table has been over the past few weeks. Titus says they must have missed OUR OVW Ring Announcer “Shannon the Dud”. Vaez rear chinlocks Revolver and it’s McNaler’s turn to try to make off with the belts but is caught by Hayes. Homers briefly double up on Vaez, who tags out and has to once again stop Revolver from making off with the belts. McNaler misses a double axe handle off the corner and the champs double suplex him. Vaez slingshots Revolver in and drops an elbow on each Homer simultaneously. Revolver escapes and pulls McNaler out of the ring so they can make another grab at the belts. This time they succeed as Brittany follows them out the exit carrying a set of car keys! Sharpe counts them out and calls for the bell. It is implied that the Homers and Brittany took off with the belts in a getaway car.

In the back “Bullshooter” Jay Bradley is hitting pads that someone has on their hands like a boxer would. Sharpe walks up and asks Bradley if he has seen Olivencia. Bradley says he hasn’t as he’s been busy training since he can’t be a supreme fighting machine without training! Bradley then goes on to compliment Sharpe on making the right call last week in getting the belt off of Olivencia. Sharpe says he feels terrible about that and keeps looking. (To recap, Sharpe was pulled out of the ring by Timmy Danger when Olivencia had Anthony pinned. Sharpe then slugged Danger and disqualified Anthony thus Olivencia did not regain the title.)

Match #2: OUR OVW Ladies Champion Lei’d Tapa vs Jessie Belle vs OUR OVW Hula Hoop Champion Ray Lynn
No titles are on the line here as Josh Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official for this triple threat match. Ray Lynn is in a turquoise two-piece outfit while Jessie is in camo pants and matching shirt. Tapa is in her usual ring attire. Ray Lynn twerks and Dean says it “twerks” for him! Ray Lynn does a riverdance and hugs Jessie but gets rolled up for 2. Jessie shoves Ray Lynn to the corner but Ray Lynn comes out twerking! Jessie smacks her on the butt then Tapa grabs their heads and bangs them together. Tapa chops Jessie in the corner as Dean notes we just lost a force in women’s wrestling from a previous generation (Mae Young) but we may be looking at a force for this generation (Tapa). Tapa whips Jessie across to the corner but misses a splash but catches Jessie’s boot and spins her around. Ray Lynn runs into Tapa but gets shoved down. Jessie kicks on Tapa but Ray Lynn jumps on Jessie’s back so Tapa just picks them up and drives them into the corner! Tapa hits Jessie with an over the shoulder backbreaker (Gilbert called Jessie “Lady Belle” twice during the match) then hits her F-5 thingy on Ray Lynn. Tapa goes to cover but Jessie boots her through the ropes and covers Ray Lynn herself for the pin!
Jessie’s wanting her some gold!!

Body Guy and Melvin are in the back. Body Guy says since Melvin is now a champion, he has to pose like a champ so Body Guy demonstrates some poses for him to use. Body Guy claims to be one of the greatest champions in OVW history but is rebutted by Ray Lynn, who says he was the women’s champ so nobody cares! Ray Lynn asks for an aspirin but Body Guy says the keep the rat food down the hall. Like last week, they show Ray Lynn trying to open a locked door.

Match #3: OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus (w/Body Guy) vs Leon Shelley
Melvin gets a lot of cheers which seems to bother Body Guy. Ashcraft is the ref here as Dean like that Melvin has gone old school and is using the bearhug, without a fancy name, as a finisher. Melvin overpowers Shelley for a few moments before holding him up in a suplex for about 30 seconds before slamming him down. Melvin bearhugs Shelly for the submission win.

Stephon J Baxter III is reading a dictionary when Olivencia aggressively walks up looking for Sharpe. Baxter says he works with troubled youths at the YMCA and it looks like Olivencia has something on his mind. Jamin says that Sharpe cost him his title last week! Baxter says he hasn’t seen Sharpe but has read the lineup sheet and Sharpe has one more match to ref tonight.

Trailer Park Trash comes out with a non-colored kendo stick. He says getting jumped by the Marauders seems to be normal these days but wonders why Tony Gunn would be with them under a mask. TPT thought Gunn was at home resting (after his bitter feud with Randy Royal) and requests that Gunn come out here and explain his actions. A video of Gunn with the other Marauders (Shiloh Jonze, Raul Lamotta, Clint Poe, and Nick Dumeyer) comes up on the screen. Gunn says he has been with OVW for 2 years and while OVW’s slogan is “Tomorrow’s Superstars Today”, he has gotten zero chances in the time that he has been here. He says he has been put on the back burner (but no mention of the man holding him down) and he’s not going to take it anymore! He says the Marauders do what they want when they want and so will he. He says if TPT has a problem with that, come find him. Jonze then says that Gunn’s speech was beautiful and that TPT doesn’t learn lessons very well. At that moment, Flash Flanagan comes into the picture wielding a red kendo stick and starts swinging away, chasing the Marauders out of the back and to the ring. TPT and Flash play Whack-A-Marauder for a bit until Jonze brings a chair into the ring. TPT and Jonze have a tug-of-war over the chair until Gunn sneaks up from behind and kicks TPT in the groinular region and the Marauders use their superior numbers to overwhelm TPT and Flash. Jonze Pillmanizes Flash’s arm before the Marauders leave and high five each other on the way out, leaving Flash and TPT laying in the ring/

Gilbert plugs an OVW live event on 1/25 in Elizabethtown, KY where the scheduled main event is Flash & TPT vs The Mobile Homers. Also on next week’s OVW TV, the positions for the Nightmare Rumble will be drawn.

“Slimy Jerk” Dylan Bostic and Ray Lynn come out. Bostic say that people have delusional dreams about looking half as good as he does or partying with chicks half as hot as Ray Lynn, who says “Who wouldn’t want to party with us?”. Bostic says if someone can prove to him to be the “Best Wingman Ever” (as Dean reminds us that Colonel Sanders is dead, lol), he can hang with “The Justin Bieber of Professional Wrestling”! After searching at clubs, gyms, and even the laser tag place, he claims to have found such a person. While Ray Lynn is taking selfies, Bostic introduces Jay Best (well he was in the VIP Club after all, so that should give him an advantage) who comes out to the ring for a tryout match, so to speak.

Match #4: Jay Best vs “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond
Ashcraft is the ref here. Bostic and Ray Lynn stop at the broadcast booth so Bostic can asks Gilbert and Dean why they hate on him. Dean tells Ray Lynn that Bostic is misleading her while Gilbert says Bostic is disrespectful. Bostic replies that he thinks Dean is old and washed up and also claims to have 53,000 followers on Twitter! Bostic explains that he is checking out Best to see if he has the same style that Bostic has. Anyway, Best and Diamond trade armworking before Diamond armbars him. Best backs Diamond to the corner and pops him in the jaw before whipping him across the ring twice. Bostic drops Pat McAfee’s name as being a friend, leading Dean to say “Just because you listen to him on The Bob & Tom Show doesn’t make them your friend!”. Back to the match, Diamond comes off the second turnbuckle with an elbow for Best then throws some forearms before applying a crossface and forcing Best to tap out.
Dean says Best went from being a wingman to a chicken wing man. Bostic climbs back in the ring and tells Best to get out of the ring since he sucks and didn’t prove anything!

Jay Bradley comes out accompanied by the guy he was working with in the back, who is known as Mongo the Cut Man. Dean says Mongo is to Bradley what Mick was to Rocky Balboa, a corner man. Bradley says it’s been just another week stretching fools in the snake pit. He explains that he is wearing gloves because as of January 1, the Kentucky Boxing & Wrestling Authority has declared his hands as lethal weapons. Bradley emphasizes that he is real, he’s almost got a black belt from Grandmaster Oroko Saki in Redneck Kung-Fu (I bet Chuck Taylor already has one of those, lol) and in Midwestern Jiu-jitsu! Bradley claims that he has never nor will he ever tap out! Anyone who says otherwise is a liar, especially Ryan Howe. Bradley calls out his “workout” opponent.

Match #5: “Bullshooter” Jay Bradley (w/Mongo the Cut Man) vs “Party Starter” Bud Dwight
Sharpe is the ref here. Dwight slips up behind Bradley only to get mule kicked in the groinular region. Bradley then applies the Taz-mission (there’s probably another name for it, but I forgot) and makes Dwight tap out.
Gilbert says the light bulb in Bradley’s brain has completely gone off. Bradley shovels imaginary dirt on Dwight then takes a minute to thank Chicago for showing him how to win ugly as Mongo puts a cap and t-shirt on him. Bradley also thanks “the man upstairs” and “Jeebus” for making him the supreme fighting machine. Sharpe starts to leave the ring area but Jamin Olivencia comes out and confronts him as we go to break.

Back from break, Jamin is yelling at Sharpe, saying they have to talk NOW! Jamin says that last week when he had Anthony down and about to reclaim the title, Sharpe threw away the match! Sharpe says that he has tried to reach Jamin all week but couldn’t get an answer. Sharpe reminds Jamin that it was he who got Jamin a title shot last week in the first place, adding that he did what he did last week because it was his job although he admits that Jamin is one of his best friends. Sharpe reiterates that Danger is to blame and he fought to get Jamin another title shot, saying he is sorry. Jamin says Sharpe is full of crap and wants to know what he is going to do to make this right. Danger and Anthony come out chuckling at all this. Danger thinks Sharpe needs anger management and wants to know why Jamin is throwing such a temper tantrum. Jamin interrupts Danger, noting the fans are chanting for Danger to shut up. Danger says Jamin has used up his one rematch and screwed up but also says Sharpe did the right thing. Jamin wants to get his hands on both Danger and Anthony and will do anything to accomplish this goal. Danger notes that it would be a two-on-one handicap match and Danger will slap Jamin around while history has proven what Anthony will do to him. Danger suggests that next week he and Anthony will take on Jamin and Sharpe!! Jamin immediately agrees to this. Sharpe is in disbelief as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: Not much I can add to this as I found this show very entertaining although I never thought I would see a wrestling show where 3 out of the 5 matches ended in a submission. It’s obvious that Olivencia is going to win the Nightmare Rumble. Bradley cracked me up. I was glad to see a ladies match on here again. I noticed they still have the TNA logo in the opening. This gets a thumbs way up from me!

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