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Outlaws out to start, 10 year old me marks out. NAO vs. Cody and Goldust to start the show.

Vickie came out and said something, but the heat was too loud to hear. It served as a distraction, Road Dogg rolled up Cody.

Short interview w/ Punk saying he’s gonna call out the Sheild or something. I’m not in a good seat in terms of accoustics.

Heyman out to some beautiful heat. Calls Lesnar the “obvious #1 contender”, talks about beating up Mark Henry. Says Lesnar will conquer Big Show at RR.

Big Show comes out when Heyman says Show would never dare hurt him. Heyman darts off, Show mocks him. Says he was a Heyman guy before it was cool. Says at Royal Rumble, He’ll knock lesnar out.

Del Rio vs. Mysterio, Rey via roll-up but ADR attacks him and puts him in a cross armbreaker after the match.

Tamina w/ AJ vs. Naomi w/ Cameron. Match is botchy. Naomi win.

Wyatt Family out. Bray cuts a real good promo about Bryan and his creepy past and stuff. Then Punk calls out the Shield and NAO in a backstage interview.

Big E over Fandango. Uneventful match aside from Summer Rae’s legs.

Interview w/ The Shield. Ambrose says they’re all on the same page and they won’t turn on each other at the Rumble. Rollins says Ambrose couldnt eliminate them anyway. But they end on the same page.

Real Americans are out w/ Zeb in a wheel chair. Usos out next for a tag match.

Usos with the win via top rope splash. Some fun with Zeb in the wheelchair during the match.

CM Punk out. Calls the Authority cowards and says they’ll send anyone to stop him. Specifically calls out Triple H, saying he hides behind stephanie.

Then The Shield and NAO come out and surround the ring. Kane comes out, tells them to stand down because the Authority doesnt want it that way.

Kane says the Authority likes Punk and Kane’s top priority is to make sure Punk is treated well and given the respect he deserves.

Punk calls Kane a “sellout sucka” and gets ready for a fight. Reigns distracts Punk, Kane chokeslams him.

I think that’s the end of smackdown, announcers left. Shield vs. Punk 3-on-1.

Punks wins via GTS to send the crowd home happy.

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