WWE NXT 10-Count: Sasha Banks

Jan 16, 2014 - by staff

Need a prototype for a career makeover? Look no further than “The Boss,” Sasha Banks. Once seen as a cute and quiet member of NXT’s Divas division, Sasha has become boisterous, bold and unapologetic. Alongside Summer Rae and Charlotte, Sasha is a proud card-carrying member of the Beautiful Fierce Females (BFFs). This week, Sasha is riding solo as she steps into the ring for NXT 10-Count and answers questions from you, the NXT Universe.

NXT UNIVERSE: What’s your inspiration for the entrance wardrobe you wear?

SASHA: I just do me, though I do like what Beyoncé & Kanye bring to the table. I have my own custom designer who brings my visions to life. I have so many ideas for different outfits and luckily he’s good enough to keep up with all the designs that I need. As a matter of fact, I have a special idea for the NXT live debut on WWE Network Feb. 27. But you’re just gonna have to stay tuned to see that work of art.

NXT UNIVERSE: Who could you see yourself facing on the main WWE roster?

BANKS: My goal is to win the Divas Championship. Anyone who stands in my way is fair game.

To read the full interview with Sash Banks: Click Here

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