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Jay Bradley on Dixie Carter: “I think she has become the Internet Wrestling Communities scapegoat for anything that goes wrong”

By Steven Muehlhausen

I talked to Jay Bradley who was just released from TNA on Monday night. Bradley had this to say on Dixie Carter.

Bradley on Carter Getting A Bad Rap: “Unfortunately, I think she has become the Internet Wrestling Communities scapegoat for anything that goes wrong. How that happened, I really don’t know. As far as the internet wrestling fans that are diehard in general, they are some of the most passionate people out there next to like fantasy football guys and NASCAR fans. The unfortunate thing is you do something positive, they’ll give you an inch of praise. You do something slightly negative they don’t like, their going to give you a mile of hate. Sometimes I don’t want to say less is more, but they always can’t sit back and enjoy a lot of times, they are hypercritical about things. I do think she (Carter) gets a bad rap.

Bradley goes more into this in the interview, also discusses his release from the company and if he say it coming. Also we discuss, the departures of AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Hulk Hogan and more.

Here is the link to the interview.

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6 Responses

  1. Really? says:

    At the very least, he’s right about the inch of praise/mile of hate part.

  2. lll says:


  3. AJ Cooper says:

    Well, from my honest viewpoint, a lot of the reason why Ditzy’s given a lot of crap is because she didn’t know a damn thing about the business when her dad put her in charge of TNA. She’s even admitted that she didn’t start learning about the business until AFTER she was put in charge. That is NOT a good situation for the head of a wrestling company to be in. I’ve even made it known in the past that I believe the reason TNA is still alive is because Ditzy’s surrounded herself with people who know more about the business than she does. If her father had done the right, the smart thing, & made the decision to have Jerry Jarrett in charge, TNA probably would have been a LOT further in its expansion than it is right now. As I’ve pointed out to close friends….Dixie’s dad having made the decision to put her (someone who had NO knowledge of pro wrestling & NO experience in the business before) in charge, rather than Jerry Jarrett (a person with a track record of having run successful promotions) shows why Panda Energy isn’t the top business in its industry.

  4. Deathedge says:

    Well, with Russo gone we had to find someone. 😛

  5. Adam says:

    From what I hear, all Dixie does is sign the paychecks and appear on TV as an authority figure. For the most part she’s not in charge of creative, although I assume (like Vince) all ideas get run past her. But it’s just easier to direct hatred towards her. I don’t personally have a problem with the woman. I’ve met her in person at a live event and she’s lovely!

  6. LOL says:

    Dixie’s a Carter….the world needs her y’all yeeeeeeeeehaw!

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