Notes from today’s WWE Network overview conference call

Jan 14, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE Network 2

– Vince McMahon said they have developed the right formula to launch the WWE Network, and it will be launched at the right time.

– McMahon said the WWE Network offers great value for $9.99/month. He said this will bring back fans that enjoyed the Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin eras.

– McMahon believes the network will help improve TV ratings.

– Online viewing is expected to bypass television viewing in the coming years.

– WWE Network will offer unique features versus other subscription services such as Netflix. Netflix has bypassed Comcast in the number of subscribers.

– WWE fans have embraced OTT.

– You can subscribe to the WWE Network on 2/24 at 9AM ET. They will offer a limited time one week trial.

– The belief is that the Network could attract 2 to 3 million subscribers, domestically.

– Vince McMahon said USA Network management also believes the WWE Network will increase ratings for Monday Night Raw.

– April/May is the time table for an announcement regarding the future of their TV shows.

– Despite DirecTV making comments about the possibilities of dropping WWE PPVs, the company is committed to working with their pay-per-view partners.

– The target is for one million subscribers by year’s end.

– 1,500 hours of programming available at the launch of the network.

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