UPROAR Pro Wrestling Results with a Surprise Arrival to the Promotion

Jan 12, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

from alan wojcik:

On Saturday January 11th UPROAR Pro Wrestling presented Collision Course from the Verizon Event Center, 8718 Trouble Creek Rd in New Port Richey, FL. This event is sponsored by Congress Chiropractic Clinic, Kaze Media Web Graphic Design & Bryant PC Support LLC.

A pre-show match featured Michael O’Toole, Vince Lewis & Mitch Mitchell who defeated 1st Degree and Preston Cane.

(1) Rudy Russo defeated Oliver Cain.

Both men started with chain wrestling trying to gain an advantage but that stopped on a rope break. Russo got in two armdrags but Cain slid away from a possible third one. The mat wrestling began again with Russo taking Cain to the mat. Russo went for an Irish whip but Cain stopped short and drove Russo to the mat and dropped a knee on his throat. Cain kept on the injured throat using the ropes as a weapon. Russo fought back but Cain hit a jawbreaker and another knee to the throat. Russo fought off a corner move and hit a dropkick followed by several high impact moves. Both men fought for control but Cain hit a Northern Lights Slam. Russo fought back but was hit with a discus clothesline for two. Cain delivered some vicious kicks to the cheat but Russo caught Cain’s leg and countered into a powerslam for two. Cain went up and hit an elbow drop but got two. He went to grab Russo but got caught in an inverted Gory Special to end the bout.

Heartbreak Enterprises hit the ring and “Superstar” Sean Davis was not a happy man, but then again when is he? Davis said he was informed by UPROAR management that his duo has been booked into a handicap match. Well that won’t be happening said Davis and that brought out a member of the management staff who informed Davis that it was going to be six man tag team match with him suiting up for Heartbreak Enterprises tonight!!

(2) Misled Youth (Jude McKenzie/Josh Rayne) defeated TECH Squad (Mike Monroe & TC Lee)

Lee and McKenzie began for their respective teams with somewhat of a handshake. Lee decided to set the pace and try to blow up McKenzie by forcing him to run the ropes. Lee stopped that and then spun McKenzie around several times before tagging in Monroe. The duo kept McKenzie away from Rayne for several moments but a blind tag was made and Rayne hit a slingshot spear for two. The Youth made some timely tags and kept Lee away from the TECH counter I mean corner. TC held off defeat several times and finally tagged out to Monroe who took on the Youth as Lee recovered. The fighting went to the floor where things went to the air. Back in the ring Rayne went up and McKenzie held Monroe for a double team finisher and victory.

(3) Aaron Epic defeated Edward Malken via countout.

Several “shave your back” chants were started during this bout due to Malken’s interesting grooming choice. Epic didn’t seem to mind and he took the action right to Malken with armdrags and hiptosses that made Malken slide to the floor. Epic went to follow up with a dive but Malken met him with a forearm shot to the jaw. Malken followed up with more shot to the jaw and throat region. Malken went for a corner move but met Epic’s boot instead followed by some well placed kicks and knee strikes for a two count. Epic followed with a clothesline for two but his second attempt was countered by Malken and another forearm strike followed by another headshot for two. Epic countered out of a move and hit a Rock Bottom into a backbreaker which floated into a Crab submission. Malken went to the floor for some alone time and opted to take the countout loss.

Houston Carson came out for his scheduled match but told the fans his opponent QT Marshall was “too scared” to compete against him. He told UPROAR management to send anyone out to the ring. What he got was former Ring of Honor World TV champion & TNA World X Division champion JAY LETHAL!!

(4) ROH superstar Jay Lethal defeated “Texas Prodigy” Houston Carson.

Carson looked stunned to see Lethal and it showed as Lethal dominated the match for several minutes hitting a tope’ to the floor. In the moment of the evening Lethal held Carson as he let the young kids around ringside get in a few punches. Lethal finally brought the action into the ring but a corner head scissor was blocked and Carson dropped Lethal on the top rope crotch first. Carson cleared the proverbial cobwebs and worked over Lethal but to no one’s surprise the ringside kids didn’t want to hit Lethal. Carson locked in a chinlock but Lethal fought to his feet, only to be knocked down with an elbow to the jaw. Carson took Lethal to the mat this time in a front facelock dropping all his weight on Lethal’s neck. Lethal fought to his feet once again but this time he hit several clotheslines. Lethal hit a handspring elbow for two followed by Hail to the King but Carson grabbed the referee. That brought Lethal down to get Carson but he was hit with a double chop to the throat. Carson and Lethal traded punches, forearm shots & superkicks but neither got the win. Carson thought one more superkick would do it, but Lethal ducked and rolled up Carson for the win!

During intermission Joshua Masters and Shayne Swyft brought out an event poster signed by the entire UPROAR roster for a giveaway. But before it went down, “Last Rockstar” Eddie Graves, Aaron Agony & “the Man in Black” Raymond Snow crashed the funfest. Graves claimed he wanted to sign the poster and make dreams come true. Well he signed and then tore it up in everyone’s face. This started a ringside brawl that took several wrestlers and officials to break up.

(5) In a Ladies Match, Barbi Hayden defeated Justine Silver.

Hayden went on the attack but got dropkicked in her face as a reward. Hayden fired back with a well placed knee to the gut and locked in an abdominal stretch. But Silver refused to submit so Hayden released the hold and went to work on the injured abdomen with kicks. Hayden went for a suplex but Silver countered into a small package for two but Hayden kicked her in the face. She followed with a running knee to the chin and an interesting head scissor choke out. Silver fought off defeat once more and hit a Russian legsweep but Hayden won with a DDT with Silver’s legs on the ropes.

(6) Heartbreak Enterprises (Michael Patrick, Maxx Stardom & “Superstar” Sean Davis) defeated Torcher, London Vice & Leo Brien.

Patrick and Vice started out and it was more an intimidation session then fighting. Vice tagged out to Brien who took over on Patrick with an armbar. Stardom tagged in for his team but Vice came in for his and took Stardom to the mat. But on a leapfrog Vice came down on his knee wrong, tagged out and slid to the floor in pain. He was assisted to the locker room as Brien tagged in. With it 3 on 2, HBE isolated Brien from Torcher and made several well timed tags. Davis was a proud peacock prancing on the ring apron as his duo controlled the match. Brien did everything he could and finally tagged in Torcher who laid out Patrick and Stardom then splashed both men in a corner. Sadly both men landed in the ring in a precarious position. Davis tried to sneak in and jump Torcher but it failed. So Davis did the next best thing, he had a heart attack. This allowed Stardom to come back with a chair but Torcher blocked it. London Vice made his way back out despite a limp and grabbed the chair as Torcher dared his opponents to attack but with his back turned Vice hit Torcher with the chair several times. This allowed the Heartbreak Trio to win. Looks like London Vice has joined Heartbreak Enterprises as fans booed and tossed bottles at him. Torcher needed to be helped to the locker room by several wrestlers.

(7) Kory Chavis defeated Brodie Hollister.

Hollister tried to jump Chavis as the referee checked for foreign objects but that backfired as Kory punched him several times sending Hollister to the floor to reformulate a plan of attack. It turned into Chavis working over Hollister’s left arm and wrist. Hollister countered with some power moves but Chavis hit a shoulder block that sent Hollister to the floor once more as the fans chanted “chicken.” The duo faced off in a test of strength but Hollister kicked Chavis in the gut and followed with right hand punches and other dastardly tactics. Hollister locked in a rear chinlock as the fans chanted for Chavis to fight up and he did hitting a dropkick for two. But Hollister got to his feet first and hit a nother punchd followed by a suplex for two. Hollister locked in the chinlock again with all his weight on the neck of Chavis. Just when it looked like the end, Chavis fought to his feet and hit a back suplex. Both men struggled to their feet trading right hand punches on the way up. Chavis faired better on the exchange and hit several high impact moves and won with a Mafia Kick!

(8) Joshua Masters & Shayne Swyft defeated “Last Rockstar” Eddie Graves & Aaron Agony (w/”The Man in Black” Raymond Snow)

Masters and Swyft wasted no time in jumping Agony and Graves during the ring introductions. The trio slid to the floor but Swyft jumped over the referee landing on them. When the action settled down in the ring it was Masters who was isolated from his corner. But Agony and his small mind got himself in trouble and it allowed Swyft to tag in to take it to Agony. Swyft went to attack as Agony backed away. The action got fast but Swyft took a chance and dove onto Snow but Snow was ready and dropped him on the ring apron. Graves tagged in and used his size advantage to take the fight to Swyft. Masters could only watch as his partner was the victim of double and sometimes triple teaming. Swift survived the onslaught and finally tagged out to Masters who was well rested and angry to fight. Snow got the referee’s attention as his duo went for a spike pilderiver on Swyft. But Masters slid in knocking Agony to the floor and tossing powder in Graves’ face. That allowed Swyft to recover and hit a frog splash for the win.

The next UPROAR event is Saturday March 29th. Check out www.uproarprowrestling.com or @UPROARWrestling on Twitter

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