Slithering Back: Jake “The Snake” Roberts Interview On His Return

Jan 12, 2014 - by staff


No one ever expected to see Jake “The Snake” Roberts in a WWE ring again – including Jake himself. During the 1980s and ’90s, the native of Stone Mountain, Ga., became a household name and his likeness adorned everything from lunchboxes to action figures. The Snake’s short-arm clothesline and DDT were as ubiquitous as Hogan’s big boot and leg drop. His interviews were the stuff of legend and his rivalries were among the most intense WWE had ever seen.  But Jake’s path took a dark turn after his last WWE match 17 years ago.

For decades, one of WWE’s most talented performers battled life’s greatest struggles. Personal tragedies and intense addictions haunted The Snake away from the squared circle, keeping him from a homecoming to the fans that loved to both cheer and boo him. But a little more than one year ago, chatter began to surface that Jake was getting his life back on track thanks to Diamond Dallas Page. And just before the Jan. 6 edition of Raw went off the air, there he was, looking better than ever, snake bag slung over his shoulder, ready to wreak havoc on the roster. It was as triumphant a return as ever before witnessed in the world of sports-entertainment.

Watch Jake’s shocking return on Old School Raw

Just days following this emotional comeback, spoke with the venerated competitor in an eye-opening, one-on-one conversation to discuss Jake’s darkest days and long journey to recovery. This is a story of heartache, a story of redemption, a story of pride. This is how Jake “The Snake” Roberts rose once again. Trust us.

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