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Should AJ Be On The Maxim Cover is currently running a poll, asking people to vote who they want to see on a new cover of the magazine. The choices are:

AJ Lee
Miesha Tate
Kate BeckinsaleSummer Glau
Nina Dobrev

AJ currently leads with 80% of the vote.

You can vote also, at This Link

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11 Responses

  1. leg lover j says:

    Just her legs lol

  2. Guled says:

    AJ’s underatedly hot

  3. Zack says:


  4. lll says:

    Nina’s been on too many covers. Pass on her. I would love to see AJ Lee or Miesha Tate get the cover. Give the viewers something different to look at instead of the same tired worn-out overhyped stars.

  5. James says:

    I would love to see AJ on the cover! Best diva the WWE has currently.

  6. listentome says:

    Not hating on AJ here but her fans have been cheating since the voting opened. Obviously, the large margin shows that(no one outside of wrestling knows who she is) but if you pay attention to the votes, you can tell they are using robots. Her number of votes fluctuate up and down because Maxim catches on and a chunk of the votes disappear.

  7. Alex says:

    Yes please!

  8. trolls says:

    yeah I’ve seen many websites that are voting on her just as a joke

  9. LOL says:

    sure why not!

  10. chewie225 says:

    misha tate

  11. mackdeezy says:

    As much as I like Nina and Kate, it’s time A got some attention. Then again I won’t vote because Maxim lost my respect (as in the very little it had to just acknowledge it as an entity and leave it at that) when they had their hot 100 and Manti Teo’s fake girlfriend (which was literally just a picture of a onesie on a background) scored really high. I mean come on now.

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