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Jan 11, 2014 - by staff

by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 751 that will be aired in Louisville on 1/11 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/751

OUR OVW Announce Team again this week is Dean Hill and “4-Time Emmy Winning Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey, but still no sign of Michael Titus. Shannon the Dude is OUR OVW Ring Announcer. Dean and Gilbert discuss the fact that OVW has three new champions after last weekend’s Saturday Night Special: Lei’d Tapa returned to win the ladies title, Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus upset Paredyse for the TV title, and Marcus Anthony defeated Jamin Olivencia to become OUR OVW Champion!

Jamin comes out in a Zero-1 shirt. He acknowledges that he lost the OVW Championship although he stammers a bit doing so. He says the fans have believed in him from the beginning but he feels like has has let them down. He could make excuses for his defeat
but the fact remains that he lost. He then notes that there is the ever-popular rematch clause in the contract and when he gets that rematch, he will stomp, plunge, and bury Anthony then take the belt back for himself and the people!

“The World’s Most Dangerous Hype Man” Timmy Danger and OUR OVW Champion “Strongest Gamer Alive” Marcus Anthony come out as Dean informs us that Jamin had Anthony beaten but Danger had the ref distracted. Anthony has his shoulder taped up with Jamin had the back of his neck taped up. Dean predicts that Danger has something important to say. He is correct since Danger understands the rematch clause but it does not specify when this rematch is to take place as Danger had his mom’s lawyers review the contract. Danger also points out that Jamin is not medically cleared to wrestle, so maybe the rematch could be in a year so Jamin could heal up.

Here comes OUR OVW Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe along with OVW Official Jordan Barker, who refereed the match at SNS. Sharpe tells Jamin that he should be the champ right now and thinks Barker is a great young referee, but he watched the tape of the match and says that Danger did everything to make sure Jamin didn’t win. Sharpe also notes that Anthony did not release the Crimson Omen (full nelson) that he had on Jamin when Barker requested that he do so. Sharpe says had he been the referee, he would have reversed the decision just like he did in a similar situation a few weeks ago. Sharpe does say that Barker’s decision was final.

Here comes OUR OVW Owner “Nightmare” Danny Davis! He says everything that Sharpe said was true and although he would not reverse Barker’s decision either, he will grant Jamin a rematch tonight!

Match #1: J Best vs OUR OVW TV Champion Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus (w/The Body Guy)
Best is carrying a refreshing beverage to the ring with him. Dean tells the tale of Body Guy losing the ladies title at SNS when The Assassin laid him out with a clothesline then had a second Assassin cover him for the pin. The second Assassin unmasked to reveal Lei’d Tapa! Barker is the ref here as Melvin slams Best thrice. Gilbert tells us that Melvin defeated Paredyse with a bearhug to win the TV title just as Melvin does that to Best and makes him submit. Dean puts over the bearhug as being devastating when properly applied!

Melvin and Body Guy arrive in the back. Stephon J Baxter III, Elvis Pridemore, and Eddie Diamond each congratulate Melvin on his hard-fought victory. The duo walk on down the hall and Body Guy complains that nobody congratulated him when he won a title! OUR OVW Hula Hoop Champion Ray Lynn walks up and says it’s because Body Guy was ladies champ but Melvin is like the TV champ. Ray Lynn pats Melvin on the shoulder as Body Guy is fuming over this. Ray Lynn is shown in the background trying to pull a door open.

“Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley comes out wearing a sweatband, towel, and gloves. He says it’s a new year and looking back, he realizes that he has become pro wrestling’s supreme fighting machine! He states that there is not one person in OVW, TNA, or in the Orient than can go toe-to-toe with him since he has trained under Grandmaster Oroko Saki and become an accomplished shooter! He figuratively takes all of us internet nerds behind the curtain to explain that there are guys that are crowbars/hookers/shooters and then there are guys that are entertainers (without saying his name, Bradley lumps Ryan Howe into this category). Bradley adds that no shooter should ever lose to an entertainer in a fight and will demonstrate shooting for us, even as some girls have been heckling Bradley the whole time he has been out here. Dean calls Bradley a “bullshooter”, pointing out that it was Howe who made Bradley submit at SNS!

Match #2: “Bullshooter” Jay Bradley vs Leon Shelley
Josh Ashcraft is the referee here as Gilbert admits to researching Bradley’s claims and found no such background. Bradley clubs away on Shelley at the bell then channels Ronda Rousey by applying the dreaded armbar to make him tap out.

Match #3: Dylan Bostic & “Party Starter” Bud Dwight (w/Ray Lynn!!!) vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Michael (not PS) Hayes & Mohamed Ali Vaez
Bostic says fellow “Slimy Jerk” Evan Markopolis is no longer in OVW due to breaking his knee while riding a buffalo. Bostic then tells Dwight that he has to be the “Best Wingman Ever” but then adds that every week he’ll be looking for someone that can do just this. Bostic says when he wins the tag titles; he will have one question for the whole world-“Who Sucks Now?”-to which the crowd says he does. Ray Lynn takes a picture of him and Dwight.
Barker is the ref for this match. Gilbert supposes that this may be Dwight’s OVW debut and may have been a beer truck driver. Dwight tries to get Hayes to do a “party” chant but gets shoved into the corner. Hayes swats at Bostic but Dwight clobbers him from behind. Dean and Gilbert wonder how many “Slimy Jerk” tryouts will take place before Bostic picks one. Dwight whips Hays into the champs corner and charges but Hayes hooks Dwight with his legs, flips himself over the top rope, and holds him for Vaez to hit some body blows. Vaez dumps out Bostic and punches on Dwight before punching Bostic, who had come off the top rope. Champs double suplex both opponents then Hayes drops an elbow on Dwight for 2 but Bostic breaks it up. Vaez backdrops Bostic out before Hayes jaw jacks Dwight followed by Vaez giving Dwight a neckbreaker for the pin.

Champs mock Dwight’s party dance. Some Led Zeppelin plays and out come The Mobile Homers (Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver-w/Brittany Devore)! Revolver claims that Hayes and Vaez are not the tag champs, to which Hayes responds “Who has four thumbs and don’t care? These guys!” (pointing to themselves). Revolver has “the monkeys in the back” show the footage from Elizabethtown that shows that the Hayes and Vaez did not pin the legal man, so they plan on taking this to the board of directors! Homers want the champs to just go ahead and hand them the belts now but the champs says no and tell the Homers to bring it! Scuffling ensues but Revolver gets away and pulls out McNaler, saying the champs will rue the day they messed with the Mobile Homers!

Shiloh Jonze and the Marauders (Nick Dumeyer, Masked Marauder, Raul Lamotta, but no Clint Poe) come out. Jonze says he comes out here every week and people spew hate speech at him. He adds that no one has any idea what it’s like being the leader of a “moronic, imbecilic, ragtag group of nimrods”! Jonze was absent at SNS but gave the Marauders a game plan and they ended up embarrassing him, as opposed to their goal of crushing Trailer Park Trash and embarrassing Flash Flanagan. Jonze tells the Marauders that he will not accept incompetence then adds that TPT and Flash will pay for what they did! TPT comes out and asks Jonze where he was but is not given an answer. TPT says Flash got stuck in Indianapolis but says he will just take on the Marauders by himself! Jonze offers himself and Masked Marauder as opponents but TPT just tears into all four since there is no ref out there. TPT throws out Dumeyer and Lamotta and backdrops Jonze before giving Masked Marauder a DDT. TPT yanks off the mask to reveal Tony Gunn!! TPT then receives a four on one beatdown, culminating with a kick to the groinular region by Gunn.

Gilbert plugs an OVW Live Event on 1/12 at Louisville’s Derby Park where the OVW Championship will be defended. We are about to find out who will be defending the title!

Match #4: Jamin Olivencia vs OUR OVW Champion Marcus Anthony (w/Timmy Danger)
Sharpe is the referee for this match. Jamin jabs and kicks on Anthony until Danger reaches through the ropes to trip Jamin. Dean says Anthony has his shoulder taped because he dislocated during the match at SNS but somehow was able to pop it back in place! Anthony clubs away a bit but Jamin fires back with some forearms and backs Anthony to the corner. Danger gets on the apron to distract Sharpe as Anthony yanks Jamin off the corner and applies a rear chinlock as we go to break.

Back from break, Anthony catches Jamin with a back elbow then rams his shoulder (the taped one!) into Jamin’s midsection. Anthony sets up for the Crimson Omen but Jamin bites him on the arm to get free. Anthony picks up Jamin but can’t quite suplex him. Jamin tries his own full nelson but can’t reach around Anthony enough to hold on. Anthony drapes Jamin across the middle rope and hammers on him. They block each other’s suplex attempts then Anthony again goes for the Crimson Omen but Jamin drops down and escapes. Jamin dodges the charging Anthony, who hits his non-taped shoulder on the ringpost. Jamin armbreakers Anthony followed by a jumping lariat and he climbs on the corner. Danger gets up on the apron and draws Jamin toward him. Anthony sneaks up on Jamin and tries the Crimson Omen again but Jamin slips away. Jamin hits a DDT from the second rope and gets a two count but Danger pulls Sharpe out of the ring. An angry Sharpe then slugs Danger and calls for the DQ.
Jamin is not happy with Sharpe as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: Stuff I enjoyed: Bud Dwight, Body Guy being jealous of people complimenting Melvin, “Bullshooter” Jay Bradley, Sharpe as senior official admitting that he checked up on Barker’s work, Ray Lynn (the only female presence-other than Brittany coming out with the Homers), Sharpe decking Danger with a right. Stuff that was like “whatever”: Homers complaining about the legal man, Gunn being revealed as the Masked Marauder. Stuff I didn’t like: Jessie Belle and Lovely Lylah not being on the show, not to mention the new ladies champ Tapa not being on there either. Overall, I’ll give this a 45-degree thumbs up.

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