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Vince McMahon To Meet With Talent Regarding The Network, This Monday


The WWE roster has been informed that Vince McMahon will be meeting with them this Monday at Raw in Providence, Rhode Island to discuss the launch of the WWE Network and how this will change the company’s landscape going forward.

A number of talents we’ve spoken with are most interested in how the Network launching will change the bonuses they receive for PPVs as well as royalties for DVDs the company releases.

Since Wrestlemania will be the first PPV featured on the Network and is traditionally the biggest check of the year for talents, obviously they are concerned they could be losing out on a major payday.

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  1. mackdeezy says:

    Then again a lot of people who haven’t bought a PPV since forever ago may be subscribing to the service. Access to ALL the eras AND Chris Benoit?

    Something else I’m curious about. Since there WILL be unadulterated footage of Benoit AND you have to go online/ on the app to watch the service, does that mean it’s starting to be safe to mention Benoit? And does Vince plan on shaking things up creatively in the writing since we’re acknowledging the Attitude Era and ECW etc?

    All this and more answered on Monday’s episode of Monday Night Raw on USA!

    Jokes aside I really am curious, but only time will tell.

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