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From PWInsider.com:

WWE NXT taped at Full Sail Live tonight. This was the first time I’ve ever been to the venue & it’s very small. You walk in & they are selling tickets & merchandise at tables & then you are escorted to your seats. I was literally walked to a spot in the bleachers. There are digital signs everywhere & it’s a great, intimate venue. If my job has me in Florida when they have a taping scheduled, I’d come back in an instant & really suggest that if you live in the Orlando area, you go to the tapings.

I arrived late, so I missed the Triple H promo you wrote about.

Brandi Rhodes was the ring announcer.

Episode 1:

*Adrian Neville defeated Wesley Blake.

* Alexander Rusev defeated Kofi Kingston with the camel clutch. He kept beating on Kofi & Sin Cara hit the ring for the save.

*Antonio Cesaro defeated CJ Parker with the Neutralizer.

*Sami Zayn came out on crutches and challenged Antonio Cesaro to a 2 of 3 Falls match. Cesaro comes out. He showed Sami respect & shook Zayn’s hand & then refuses down the challenge, saying he already showed who the better man is.

*Natalya defeated Summer Rae with the Sharpshooter

Episode Two:

*NXT Tag Team champions The Ascension defeated two wrestlers they didn’t announce.

*Corey Graves defeated Camacho.

*NXT champion Bo Dallas came out and did his spiel. Adrian Neville challenged him for a title shot. Triple H came out & said if Neville can Beat the Clock, he will get a title shot on 2/27. Neville won & earned the title shot. Dallas attacked Neville & they brawled.

Episode Three:

*Bayley defeated Sasha Banks.

*Tyler Breeze beat Colin Cassidy after Aiden English interfered.

*The Miz defeated CJ Parker.

*They had a contract signing for the NXT title bout. Bo refuses to come out at first. Neville signed the deal. Bo Dallas came out to wrestle warned Neville to watch what he has coming for him.

*WWE NXT champ Bo Dallas defeated someone they didn’t announce. He then signed the deal and he & Neville got into it again

Episode Four:

*Alexander Rusev defeated Sin Cara.

*Emma defeated Alicia Fox. Emma said that she wants her NXT Women’s title shot when Paige (the current champ) is 100%. The BFFs came out and attacked her. Natalya and Bayley hit the ring for the save.

*Mason Ryan defeated Sylvester Lefort.

*Tyson Kidd defeated Aiden English after Colin Cassidy distracted him.

*Adrian Neville defeated Corey Graves. Bo Dallas attacked Neville.

*Triple H came out & announced their 2/27 title match will be a Ladder Match.

Episode Five:

*Natalya & Emma & Bayley and Natalya defeated Sasha Banks & Alicia Fox & Summer Rae. Charlotte was at ringside. The BFFS abandoned Fox. She gave up to the Emma Lock.

*Aiden English defeated Colin Cassidy..

*Sami Zayn came out cutting a promo about wanting that Best of Three Falls rematch. Cesaro comes out mad about Zayn still wanting it and eventually attacks Zayn’s bad knee. HHH comes out and announces the rematch will happen at the 2/27 show.

*CJ Parker defeated someone I didn’t catch.

*The Wyatt Family defeated Jason Jordan & another name I didn’t catch. No Daniel Bryan. Bray Wyatt cut a promo.

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