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1/10 TNA house show results from Bristol, TN

I just got back from the tna live event in Bristol, TN. About 300-350 people were there, but its a middle school gym.

First match was a local guy thy introduced him from the merchandise stand. He defeated Shawn Schultz

Chris Sabin retained x title against Austin Aries

Gail Kim retained title against Madison Rayne.

Bro mans retained against Gunner and James Storm.

Abyss defeated Bobby Roode. Bobby cut a promo and issued an open challenge

TNA champion Magnus retained against Sting in a fun but quick match. main event was 2 out of 3 falls

Bully Ray pinned Samoa Joe after putting him threw the stairs. Joe got a quick roll up to get 2nd fall. Ricky Morton was there and Bully Ray said he will know him out. Good response for Ricky. Joe made bully tap out to end show.

At tonight’s TNA house show in Bristol, TN, They announced at intermission that referee Earl Hebner had officially officiated 100,000 matches in his legendary career. He was signing his damn right i did it t-shirt for 10 bucks.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    They actually had 700+ people in attendance, they had 300+ on pre-sales, the crowd was hot from the beginning, it was Dewey Barnes who defeated Shawn Shultz!

    Jeremy Borash was the ring announcer, who also put over that Ricky Morton was in the house!

    They are expected to return to the area again soon!

  2. Legend_Killer says:

    Why Sting wrestle for the title if he is supposed to not have any more shots?

  3. Really? says:


    It might have been non-title. The guy doing the report supposedly got the attendance wrong and didn’t know Dewey Barnes but did know Shawn Schultz.

  4. alicia fleming says:

    Well i am a woman and i just didnt hesr thrm say his name. But before the show they said all major titles are on the line. So it was a title match. Sorry hearing someones name is a crime. However the only thing i heard was from the merchandise stand. So sorry if that upset but it was a title match

  5. alicia fleming says:

    Also i just predicted. I know for a fact therr wssnt 750. Other reports online ive seen of the show also said 300 or so

  6. alicia fleming says:

    Sorry there and wasn’t

  7. Andrew Davis says:

    It’s not a matter of hearing or not hearing the dude’s name. How can you spend you money to go to a show, & know watch the product. Dewey Barnes has been all over TNA Impact almost every single week since October now. That’d be like going to Wrestlemania 23, spending a lot of money on tickets & not knowing who Val Venis is. When the dude had been on television for over 8 years at that point. Oh wait I actually had people sitting next to me at WM 23 who in fact had no clue who Val Venis was

  8. Andrew Davis says:

    I think what they meant, was how can you know an unknown Shawn Schultz, who isn’t even with the company, but not an actual TNA wrestler who is on television every week. I believe that is what they were trying to say

  9. alicia fleming says:

    I dont watch tna. It was a benfit show but i used to watch tna. So i know most of the guys it was 15 bucks for a good cause and shawn schults is from this area. Ive seen him live many times here in bristol. Sorry i didnt know one guy from the whole show. All i remember is he was selling merchandise and they said from the merchandise stand and i didnt hear the actual name.

  10. Andrew Davis says:

    @Alicia; Understood. I was just trying to clarify where everyone was coming from. You did much better then another report I read, where they didn’t know the name of like 4 or 5 people on the card. LOL!

  11. alicia fleming says:

    Lol thanks

  12. Andrew Davis says:

    Funny thing is, he really is the merchandise table guy. LMAO!

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