WWE NXT Spoilers For Tonight

Jan 8, 2014 - by staff

From PWInsider.com:

Summer Rae, accompanied by Sasha Banks, is set to go up against Bayley, with Natalya in her corner. Summer Rae has a headband on, & she wants a hug, but Bayley rips it off her head & gets a near fall off a Sunset Flip. Back and forth offense for a few minutes leads to Bayley’s come back & a near fall. A spinning elbow from the top leads to another near fall, but a belly-to-belly helps Bayley pick up the win.

Big Cass is here to get revenge on Aiden English after his attack during the singing contest. Cassidy is dominant early with a few big forearms and a near fall. English makes his comeback after Big Cass hits a turnbuckle. Back & forth offense for two or three minutes, English hits his finish and wins the match. There’s no encore tonight – English yells to us that we don’t deserve it.

Xavier Woods is here for his first match since his debut on Raw. Kane comes out in his suit, revealing that Woods put the petition together to bring back Big Show. The Authority hasn’t forgotten, and it’s time for Woods to be punished, in a match against Alexander Rusev. Rusev hits a big Samoan drop to start the match, but the crowd is more interested in reminding Kane of his former gimmicks, from Fake Diesel to Isaac Yankem. Woods hits his clothesline out of the corner, but Rusev refuses to let him hit his finish, and makes Woods tap with the Camel Clutch.

Kane comes back into the ring to discuss Survivor Series, but Sylvester Lefort comes out & runs his mouth about wanting to join the Authority. Kane says there’s an initiation process, & Lefort is plenty interested, until he finds out it’s a chokeslam.

We’ve just been informed that Tyler Breeze has entered the building.

Adrian Neville is going against Tyler Breeze, presumably because Breeze cost him the NXT title. Breeze gets little offense in until he dropkicks Neville to the outside and stops to check his reflection after a near fall. Neville takes advantage with some kicks of his own and a near fall. Breeze catches Neville flush with a dropkick after Neville springboards from the corner. Breeze misses his spinning heel kick, Neville misses his corkscrew, a few near falls later and we have a stalemate. Breeze gets caught trying his heel kick again and Neville powerbombs him, another near fall. Breeze tries a hurricanrana from the top rope, falls, Neville hits his finish and wins the match.

CJ Parker, who has been saddled with one of my least favorite gimmicks of all time, is up against Jason Jordan. Parker wins in about 90 seconds, which was to be expected, as Jason Jordan’s entrance video only has shots of him standing in an empty ring and smirking.

People love Mojo Rawley. He had the biggest pop of the night, & his support is only growing since he’ll be facing Bo Dallas in a non-title match. Mojo comes out strong, & Bo ends up on the outside early while Mojo rallies the crowd. Dallas finally mounts some offense after a kick to the knee, but Mojo refuses to stay down. Mojo rushes Dallas in the corner and Dallas ducks & wins with a rollup. (The Bo Dallas gimmick has come full circle; smart marks are cheering him to be contrarian now.)

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