The Big WWE Announcement Recap

Jan 8, 2014 - by staff

I will be covering the live announcement tonight starting at 930pm Eastern/630pm Pacific here. It’s believed the announcement will be the official launch of the WWE Network, which was originally was suppose to launch in the Spring of 2012. But has been delayed numerous times. If the announcement is not in regards to the WWE Network, it will be a real shock.

Join WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon — along with WWE COO Triple H, 11-time WWE Champion John Cena, & WWE Hall of Famers Stone Cold Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels, for WWE’s Groundbreaking Announcement, which will be streamed LIVE from Las Vegas on

You can watch the live announcement, at THIS LINK


And we are live in Las Vegas, Nv. At The Wynn. Our host for the evening is Michael Cole.

Cole welcomes us live to Las Vegas. States that today the WWE takes another giant step in bringing WWE program to its fans, & viewers. & what a better place to do this announcement, The International Consumer Electronics Shows.

Vince McMahon is in the building.

Vince states the most complimentary thing he could ever be called is a fan. And that today is a great day to be a WWE fan.

We get a great video package, looking at how large the WWE truly is.

Vince says today is a great day to be a WWE fan BECAUSE: They are announcing the launch of the WWE NETWORK

He introduces Michelle Wilson to tell us all about the network:

She talks about what a risk Vince took with the very 1st Wrestlemania nearly 30 years ago.

What makes the Network so groundbreaking, is it will truly be over the top, with 24/7 live programming. With live content, on demand library, & new programming.

The WWE fan base is twice as likely to purchase online video content then those who view Netflix, & Hulu Plus

ALL TWELVE live PPV events will be included with your WWE Network subscription. & YES even including Wrestlemania

Another groundbreaking announcement: the network will only cost $9.99 a month. Normally on ppv you would pay $675 annually all ppvs.

They expects to launch the network in the Uk, Australia, Canada, & other countries by late 2014

Next out is WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon to talk about what will be on the network.

She says no matter if you were a fan of the any of the previous eras, or someone watching for the 1st time, the network will have something for everyone.

Included on the network will be: NXT, early live footage before shows like Raw go on the air.

We get a video package looking at NXT

WWE Network will include not just in ring programming, but also reality programming like “Legends House,”

We go to a video package showcasing the Network’s 1st reality series, Legends House.

1 of the most unique aspects is the connection of our fans with the WWE superstars & divas. Stephanie talks about sitting in the crowd and watching the 1st Wrestlemania in 1985. And sitting next to Andre The Giant immediately after Wrestlemania, & listening to him talking about what had just happened. And with the Wrestlemania Rewind, the fans will get to experience this.

We go to a video package for “Wrestlemania Rewind.”

But the Network isn’t just about incredible action, but also about having fun.

Stephanie McMahon introduces the founding fathers of DX, her husband Triple H & Shawn Michaels

HHH & HBK are out in DX gear working the crowd

HBK takes the mic, & says he gets nervous in front of so many people in suits & ties, & talks about when he gets nervous he starts stripping, & Triple H stops him. Saying at their age, that’s not the best idea

Stephanie mentions how they are so great with interacting with fans. And introduces the next show, “WWE Countdown”

HHH & HBK stop her & say they can do the introduction of the show better. Inviting her to help them do it. Telling her to hike up her skirt, & strike the pose.

We then get the usually Triple H DX stuff. Mentioning this is the 1st time he’s ever done it with a woman. HBK gives him hell for it always being a front. HBK says, And if you’re not down with that we’ve got 2 words for ya: WATCH THIS

We go to a video package for “WWE Countdown”

HBK states he has to admit when he was little, if he had this, he would have never got off the couch. HHH says his favorite thing about the WWE is catchphrases. He asks Shawn what his favorite is, Shawn starts to say, & HHH interrupts with IT DOESN’T MATTER, Shawn says his was YOU’RE FIRED

Stephanie says speaking Vince McMahon, in the 90s Vince was embattled in a real war with Ted Turner

They then talk about the next show, “The Monday Night War” they give the truck hell b/c it is suppose to be Monday Night War, but the teleprompter has an “S” we then get a zoom in on the teleprompter where see it does show an S.

Triple H talks about how they truly were fighting for their livelihoods. And then sends up to a video package for “The Monday Night War”

Stephanie says who doesn’t know more about the Monday Night War then the undeniable leader of the Attitude Era, Stone Cold Steve Austin,

Stone Cold then gives us a Hell Yeah!

He says 15 years ago when they were riding down the road if you had told him all this would happen, he would have told you, you are nuts. Then talks about getting a call from Vince a few weeks ago asking him to be here tonight. And he was backstage thinking about all the guys who came before who put their bodies on the line. And he is so happy to be here. Then talks about his wars with Shawn Michaels

He says it’s a great time to be part of the WWE, to be a fan of the WWE.

That with the WWE Network you get a chance to relive the Attitude Era. That you get to relive all the great moments in history. Unedited, Uncensored, in all it’s glory

Stone Cold closes with, “And that’s the bottom line, b/c Stone Cold says so!”

Stephanie says she’s just happy he didn’t decide to stun her.

She then says to wrap it up, let’s take one more look at the WWE Network.

We then go to another video package for the Network.

One thing I just caught in the video I hadn’t before, it will be $9.99 a month, WITH A SIX (6) MONTH COMMITMENT

Next out is VP of Digital media Perkins Miller

He’s going to walk us thru the WWE Network experience

He starts with how to get a WWE Network account. You can use your social accounts to log in, or create your own

You will be able to watch the Network on any device, your laptop, phones, tablets, mobile devices, gaming systems, etc

What is really different about the experience, you will be able will able to click “START FROM THE BEGINNING” on any show, no matter when it started

There will be a REMIND ME button that will send you a reminder thru text or email when a show you want to watch will air

The VOD Video on Demand library will be part of the Network including over 300 WWE, WCW, ECW ppvs in the library

Perkins is basically showing us how to find things on the Network. And what will be in each location

He acts like he can’t read the teleprompter, DX is back out, saying “Easy Michael Bay” an obvious dig at Michael Bay’s freeze up during his presentation earlier this week as part of the CES

HHH & HBK say they will give him a hand with showing his next favorite moment in time, & of course we get DX at Summer Slam 2009 their entrance on a tank

Triple H says on the Network 365 days a year, there is an unlimited supply of favorite moments, & they look forward to the fans joining them on the WWE Network live

Out next is President & CEO of MLB Advanced Media Bob Bowman

He talks about when the WWE contacted them to start all this. How today in 2014 distribution is different. how at MLB baseball they stream over 3,000 live events a year, How with this video library the WWE is well ahead of their time

That MLB looks forward to being a partner with WWE

Next out is 14 time World Champion John Cena. He thanks everyone for joining them tonight. The most important piece of information we will take away from tonight is when? Right after Monday Night Raw at 11:05pm Eastern time on Monday February 24th, 2014

The very 1st ppv event to air live on the WWE Network will be the grand daddy of them of Wrestlemania 30!

Michael Cole is back out, & thanks us for joining them tonight. And that everyone there tonight will be available for interviews with media. & welcomes everyone to join them for a reception immediately following

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