Nubius Black talks the South Philly Mid-1990s Indy Scene, Being Ring Crew for ECW, Paul Heyman & More

Jan 8, 2014 - by Atlee Greene or SUBSCRIBE ON iTUNES OR STITCHER!!!


The one hundred eighth edition of the Hardway Podcast is online! Join Jon Harder as he interviews Nubius Black, an old school wrestler from the South Philly independent circuit from the mid 1990s. Nubius started off paying his dues through ring crew with Eastern Championship Wrestling and worked his way through the indy scene in Philly. Nubius does not hold back as he talks about his experiences setting up rings and living his dream, wrestling in an opener at a Trenton house show for ECW. He talks Paul Heyman, Magic, Stevie Richards helping him get into Soul City Wrestling, and a very unique view on two members of the cult followed Black T-Shirt Squad of Reckless Youth and Dirty Don Montoya. Uncensored, Nubius is a fantastic interview. Find on Facebook at


Also this week on the Hardway, Jon talks Pennies for Norm and its success thusfar (online donations can go to towards the Colon Cancer Alliance). Furthermore, Jon talks to his “psychologist” Mike Rubba about the Good News Hughes situation.


Finally, “Stu Hart” sings on the podcast?


Check out this week’s podcast! #118 in the books!


The Hardway Podcast has been around since September 2011. Over the past 2+ years, established personalities such as JJ Dillon, Jay Lethal, WCW’s Alex Wright, DGUSA’s Gabe Sapolsky, ECW’s CW Anderson, Dwayne Hendricks of the 2012 Super Bowl champion New York Giants, Bill Carr (FCW’s Bobby Dutch), and NOAH’s Bobby Fish, amongst others. To listen to previous Hardway episodes, you can at, the official website of Jon Harder.

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