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John Cena Truly Is Crazy, & That’s Why He’s In The Position He Is


John Cena just hit the ring for a dark match main event at the WWE Smackdown taping in Philadelphia, PA.

He was in Baltimore for Raw last night, then earlier today, Cena was in Las Vegas as part of a promotional appearance for his new Fitness product campaign. This means he made the appearance, flew cross-country to Philadelphia for the match….& will now fly back to Vegas tomorrow for the WWE Network announcement. That means he’s making 3 cross country flights basically in a 36 hour period.

For all the criticism some fans put upon John Cena, no one can deny that he puts WWE before all else in his life and has a work ethic that is beyond insane. This is why he’s in the position he’s in for WWE and will stay there…because he earns it.

In the dark match, Cena defeated WWE World Heavyweight champion Randy Orton by DQ. Mick Foley was advertised as guest referee, but did not appear.

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  1. Josh Dionio says:

    It’s not his dedication to the E that makes fans dislike him. Hell, I as a non Cena fan can admire and respect it. The things I dislike are the fact he’s a modern day Hulk Hogan and won’t update for the fans that have been here a long time and have seen the same moves/promos from him.

  2. Andrew Davis says:

    Yet it’s funny people hold Bruno as a god, yet he was champ for 8 years straight. Cena has never came close to that. Or Flair, same thing, is looked upon as a god, yet always held the belt, more then anyone else ever. Now Cena is 1 away from him, & no one likes him for all the same reasons they look upon Bruno & Flair as gods. Fact is that makes them hypocrites.

  3. Submitter says:

    Cena being modern day hogan is insult to Hogan. Cena is trying to be today’s Hogan but is not working. Hogan never got boo’d when he was face only when he turned heel with NWO. Even if Hogan got a bit stale the crowd majority of the time still went nuts for him. The same with Austin and Rock to a certain extent (until the crowd knew he was leaving to make movies then some of the crowd turned on him but Rock in is prime was just as over as Austin)

    Cena will never have that cross over appeal with all the audience like Hogan, Austin and Rock had it.

  4. art123guy says:

    @Andrew Davis the simple fact that you try to find similarities between Cena and Flair show you know nothing about wrestling. As it’s been stated many times, Flair could have a good match with a broom. Cena isn’t in the same league

    Josh Dionio is right, people hate him because he’s been the same character forever. Granted, after seeing all the charity work I DON’T think he should turn heel, but it would be nice if his character went on a losing streak and question his ability. Kinda what they started and quickly bailed on after his match against Lesnar.

    I’ll also add I’m tired of the announcers trying to make Cena seem like an underdog all the time.

    I also find it annoying that while Cena’s been the same forever, guys like Daniels and Barrett get gimmick changes for no reason.

  5. cas says:

    a lot of you guys just need to come out of the closet as cena fans. “his character is stale, 5 moves of doom, he can’t wrestle” point blank, he doesn’t need to change. he doesn’t need to be compared to any other HOFer or legend. he’s John Cena, he made his own name. there is nothing any “non” fan of his can do to change the fact that on the the mount rushmore of wrestling you will find him. CM Punk is the man, agreed? the core of his character/life hasn’t changed, he’s been straight edge heel and face. is there really any difference between straight edge and hustle/loyalty/respect. thats the core of both of these men/characters. get over your childhood. I’m sorry your wives/gf love cena. he’s an entertainer and he’s damn good at it. i’m a fan

  6. LOL says:


    Superman has no problems flying!

  7. James Drake says:

    Simple as this. Name ONE person Cena has not had a good match with. Go ahead, I will wait.

  8. leg lover j says:

    Lmao @ you Cena marks! He don’t love you fans he loves his paycheck! Word Life!!

  9. Alicia says:

    @james Drake I can think of many…Hell the last horrible match he had was against orton at TLC. Took WAY to much time to get the match going, it was boring until the very end.. Lets see Great Khali that stunk, The Question should be more of lets name all the guys who have carried him into Good matches, not the other way around.

  10. Scott II says:

    Alicia, A Ric Flair or a Bret Hart or a Undertaker (see his match against Giant Gonzalez), or a CM Punk couldn’t work a great match with Khali if given the chance (the first 3, in their primes of course). Lets just throw that one out the window right now

    Cena has talent. He isn’t CM Punk when it comes to wrestling talent, but he’s got enough talent. Problem is the WWE restricts him since he is their meal ticket right now.

  11. darthvedder says:

    I can’t believe I’m defending Cena, but how anyone can say he only cares about his paycheck. I’m sure he loves the money but I truly believe he enjoys entertaining the fans of WWE.

  12. Chris Mac says:

    Hardest working man in the industry today. Sucks that WWE refuses to take any risks to make Cena a more versatile character, but no one can deny his drive to entertain and support the business.

  13. Shockmaster Suplex says:

    I still remember the ascension angle when he told Randy Orton “that a guy like you has been given every single thing in the WWE”, John Cena is a hypocritical megalomaniac!

  14. Deathedge says:

    @James Drake Orton, Miz, Khali, Barrett, Truth, Rock (the second one specifically), Otunga.

    Now before Cena fans get butt mad, I actually think he’s passable in the ring. The problem with MOST of those matches weren’t so much on him, but on creative making the feuds dull and predictable…

  15. Scott Grady says:

    Like I’ve said, Cena will never get credit from the “real wrestling fans”, who by the way don’t realize the irony of that statement.

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