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Jan 7, 2014 - by Steve Gerweck

by Alan Wojcik

Most people who have met me or listened to the radio show I hosted (Kayfabe Wrestling Radio 2010-2013) know I was not a viewer of ECW Version 1.0 but I have become friends with former roster members. That being said I was not a fan of BALLS MAHONEY as a ring performer. But thanks to his appearance on KAYFABE COMMENTARIES YOUSHOOT series, I am a fan of Jonathan Rechner who sat down for near two hours with host SEAN OLIVER. Here are the segments for this edition:

Early Years, Heat, Dirt, Tall Tales, Sex, Drugs, Wellness, Hardcore, Potpourri, the Boys & the Finish.

For someone who suffers from long term concussion damage, Mahoney has a very good memory and is very articulate. Mahoney had a lifelong friendship with the late Chris Candido and his girlfriend Tammy Sytch that is talked about in length. The stories of time with Candido are fabulous and heartwarming to hear. Who would look at Balls Mahoney and believe he was an amateur wrestler in his youth, but he was and has great stories of AAU and other club interactions. Also before he became Balls there was Boo Bradley Jr. in Smokey Mountain plus Abbudah Singh in Puerto Rico and the northeast which also has some great stories. I vaguely remember the Xanta Klaus gimmick with Ted DiBiase but Mahoney covers it very well. If you love stories then you will love a “Focal Point” story told in the “Tall Tales” segment that will have you laughing out loud; then might puke over seeing Balls puke after a chair shot from Marty Jannetty. Things get dark when Mahoney addresses a suicide attempt in Puerto Rico around the time of ECW closing.

The normal YouShoot games like “What’s in the Bag” (with an awesome Iron Sheik impressions),” the Ho Bag” (Balls has an interesting definition of a Ho), “What a Dick” and “TwitterShots” are here plus “What’s In My Mouth” (food testing game) and a segment with an Ouija board is introduced that legitimately gave me goose bumps. Next on the release calendar are: Breaking Kayfabe with Jim Cornette (1/7/14), Timeline: History of WCW 1993 with Vader (2/4/14) & Wrestling’s Most…Crappy Gimmick (2/24/14)

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