Heat On WWE Star, News on Eva Marie, Sin Cara , Brock Lesnar, & More

Jan 7, 2014 - by staff

From PWInsider.com:

The word making the rounds backstage at Raw last night was that the contract for the original Sin Cara will expire in the next few weeks. He isn’t expected back

The Dolph Ziggler concussion last night was due to a stiff clothesline from Ryback during a match that will air on this week’s Superstars. There’s a lot of heat on Ryback as there’s been continued complaints about being reckless in the ring, one of the reasons his pushes have been curtailed over the last year. The early reports we are getting is that Ziggler’s concussion is not a mild one.

Eva Marie was apparently sick over the past week. It was serious enough that she wasn’t at Raw.

Brock Lesnar was 100% fine after his segment with Big Show last night. While he was limping from the ring, we are told it was Lesnar selling, not the sign of an injury.

Whatever happened with Cody Rhodes’ ankle last night, he’s scheduled to work tonight’s Smackdown taping, so it wasn’t serious.

I am told Ranjin Singh being with Great Khali was a one time thing since it was “Old School” Raw.

Natalya will be featured in the new issue of Flex Magazine.

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