The 20 Most Dangerous WWE Superstars Ever

Jan 6, 2014 - by staff


Let’s get one thing straight — every man and woman who ever made a name for themselves in sports-entertainment has been tough. Wimps don’t fight for a living. But the appeal of getting paid to hurt people has always attracted a particularly sadistic bunch of individuals to the ring, whether they were champion amateur wrestlers, football stars with bad attitudes or roughneck barroom gladiators.

The question of who would be left standing in a no holds barred brawl has always been bandied about by sports-entertainment fans, including us here at Luckily, we have the phone numbers of WWE Hall of Famers Gerald Brisco & Jim Ross — two experts on all things tough — who we called up to discuss the dangerous shooters and street fighters that have always inhabited locker rooms.

Using the valuable insight of those famed Okies and more than a little bit of wrestling lore, put together this rogues’ gallery of 20 dudes you would not want to cross. That is unless you enjoy the feeling of your tendons snapping.

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